$20 Dollar Deal

Do you like a bargain?  Well, we have a great one for you.  We have the largest stock of Latin America in the USA and on some of our storage drawers are overflowing.  We need to make some room and will pass on the savings to you!

Select ONE country from the list below and send $20 plus $1 postage.  Receive $100 in Scott catalog value, all different stamps from that country.  A great way to get an economical start to a new area of collecting.   

What might be included?  Virtually anything--Sets, singles, and souvenir sheets, classics to modern. You will be pleased!  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  ARGENTINA                                  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC                                    PANAMA

    BOLIVIA                                                  ECUADOR                                               PARAGUAY

    BRAZIL                                                 GUATEMALA                                                 PERU

     CHILE                                                        HAITI                                                 EL SALVADOR

  COLOMBIA                                             HONDURAS                                               URUGUAY

  COSTA RICA                                             MEXICO                                                VENEZUELA

      CUBA                                                 NICARAGUA