Collections Terms and Conditions


AR-00--REVENUES--Interesting lot of about 375 mostly different in glassines.  The majority are provincial or municipal and span both the 19th and 20th century.  Includes a nice group of large size Chemical revenues from Entre Rios.  Great variety, only $175.

AR-01-1892-1970.  Several 100s, mostly used on a jumble of pages.  Nothing scarce, but will fill lots of holes.  We noted M 417, B22-4,CB17-8; B26-9, B31-4, CB25-6.  Total cat is $118.20, net is just $25.

AR-02--Remnants of several collections on Scott, Minkus pages, g1930s-1970s, several 100s, mostly commemoratives, both M and U.  Duplication is minimal.  Nothing pricey, but will fill lots of holes. Include are M 595-7, 799-808 and U 616, 884.  Total cat is $224.30, our asking pric is just $50.

AR-03--1901-1963, 315 all different M/U on Scott Specialty pages, mostly mint, nothing rare, but good variety, strong in 1950s and 1960s, early material not checked for better perf varieties, only  $30.

AR-04--Beginner lot on Minkus pages, several 100s, $15

AR-05--Several small collections on album pages, including blocks of 4, $20

AR-06--Small lot on Scott SpecialtyPages, 1890 through 1966, nice run of mostly unused commemoratives from the 1950s and 1960s.  Includes M 595-7.  Total cat is 111.80, net is only $30.

AR-07--Small lot of 100-200 stamps, 1800s to 1970s, $15.

AR-08--Old time collection, nice M/U from 1896- 1946, Includes M 286-9, 358-61, 369-70, 414-5, 417 and U332, 383.  Perfs and watermarks are unchecked, so a hidden treasure may be present.  Total cat is $145.80 good value at $30.

AR-09--Collection of several 100s on old time German album pages and homemade quadraline pages, $40.

AR-10--Small sales book, many Departmentals, $20.

AR-11--Small stock book Angola-Argentina, 248 stamps $20.

AR-12--M/U collection on Scott specialty pages, many hundreds including a good run of departmentals (ODs).  Among the better items, we noted used 7C , 11  (x2), 15  ($100), 24, 32, 173 and unused B9 as well as Corrientes 10, 11 and 12.  This will have very hy catalgo value.  Our net is just $275.

AR-13--Small collection on Scott Specialty pages, many mint, $45.

AR-14--Many album pages, several hundred stamps, mint semi postals noted $20.

AR-15--1941-1985,Small lot of mostly about 300 mint commems on Scott pages, good variety, includes M 642, 1526,1584-5,1617, 1618A.  Cat is $253.55, net is less than 20%, just $50

AR-16--1858-1947, mostly used collection on Scott Specialty pages, strength is in earlies, including  mint 1-3, used 11B, 14, 19, 21, 58 and 61.  This would be a great start for a classic Argentina collection.   Cat is $486.25, net $100.

AR-17--M,NH wholesale lot, Scott 393/645 in glassines w/duplication. Scott 110++. net $20

AR-18--Nice used collection on homemade pages, lots of officials and departmentals, $50.

AR-19--Lot of 490 mostly used, $22.50

AR-20--Small group of mostly mint, mostly sets $10

AR-21--Mostly used lot, cat value $370, net $80

AR-22--Beginner lot of Argentina, $10.

AR-23--Mixed mint and used on homemade album pages, $20.

AR-24--A mostly used collection on Vintage Reproduction pages, 1858-1940. several hundred stamps, better include M-452. U--11B, 12, 19, 24, 67, C17, C18, C19.  Several dozen higher priced damaged stamps not counted cataloging several hundrad additional dollars.  Total counted cat is $741.15, for only $220 net.

AR-25--6 Photgraphic plates of several issues including C73 and 861.  Some mint/used stamps included to show final product, only $295.

AR-26--PROOFS--Lot of 25 trial color proofs of Scott type A63,A64 and A65 (Scott 92-119F).  All are on thin India paper,including 4 of type A64 on the larger format (not quite sunken die proof size).  A great bargain for only $295

AR-27 REVENUES--Buenos Aires Civil Registar stamps.  Collection of 30 stamps on album pages and 27 documents with stamps, showing their use.  Included among the usages are birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates.  A great start to an exhibit on revuenue stamps.  $95.

AR-28--109 REVENUES--National and Local (Tucuman, Bahia Blanca, Cordoba, Santa Fe, Casilda, Pocito & Resistencia).  Mostly different with occasional manageable duplication--great variety of values and usages, with values up to 20 pesos noted.  $100.

AR-29--Several 100s mostly used accumulation on album pages and stock pages.  Includes  used 11, 16 and 40 as well as a glassine with 200+ all different mint.  Unchecked for perf varieties.  Only$50 net

AR-30 1858-1903, mostly used collection meticulously put together on home-made blank Scott pages.  Very attractive presentation with many better items including used 11, 11B, 12, 16, 24, 30, 31, 67, 86 and Corrientes 8.  Cat is $565.60.  A few sample pages are scanned.  Our asking price is just $165.  SCAN1  SCAN2  SCAN3  SCAN4  SCAN5

AR-30-A--1858-1940 M/U collection on Schaubek pages.  Includes * 64, 65, 452 and U 11, 11b, 24, 30, 3267 and Buenos Aires 10 and 12.  Total Cat is $987.40, our net is just $225.

AR-31--hundreds of stamps on stock pages, virtually all used, nothing checked for watermarks, perfs.  Maybe there is a find here.  $20

AR-32--1858-1954 M/U collection on homemade pages with lots of premium items including M 1-3, 48, 50, 50, 371-3, 406-8, B9, C14-6, C25-8 (toning), CB1-5, CB6 and used 11, 11B, 12, 25, 30-2, 58, 62,67, 86, Corrientes used 5 (x2) and Buenos Aires used 10, 13.  Total Cat is $1520.95, net is only $450.

AR-33--1859-1950s, Almost all used collection on old Schaubek pages, completely unchecked for watermark and perf varieties (there are finds to be made--all were counted as least expensive option).  Includes 11, 11B, 140, C1-19 (C17-8 x2) and Buenos Aires 10, 12.  These alone are worth the asking price.  Total cat is $719, our asking price is just $175.

AR-34--Departmentals (ODs) 287 all different on Scott pages, M and U, values up to $10 noted.  All of the hard to determine stamps are identified by catalog number, but perfs have not been checked, so there is a change for a good fine.  This collection is a great start to a fascinating collecting area.  Cat is $157.70, net is $75.

AR-35--1858-1964--A splendid collection on Scott Specialty pages, including M 371-3, 427a, 474, 583, CB1-5, CB6; used 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 ,21, 24, 30, 57-67, 86, 90-1; and mixed 409-13, 418-50, C1-19.  Total cat is $1648.60, net is just $425.

AR-36--RIVADAVIAS--An impresive specialized collection of Scott 11-14.  It starts with three 1863 unadopted essays by Roberto Lange.  This is folled by several different counterfeits, scarce in themselves and genuine 8 and 8A with better cancels (Concordia and Belle Ville).  The following page has several Kneitschel identified varieties on 11, including inverted watermark (Kn 20d) and laid paper (Kn 20h) with a San Juan ccl.  The page with #12 has one scarce counterfeit, 6 used copies including 2 different Concordia cancels and a cover from Buenos Aires to the small town of Gualeguay. The next has 2 counterfeits of 13 and two genuine used copies as well as 1926 plate proofs in black of 12 and 13--just amazing proofs showing the beauty and craftmanship of the design often lost in the low quality, muddled printing of this issue.  The final page is dedicated to #14.  There are 4 used examples--one with a star Cordoba ccl, one with an seldom seen OM cancel (maritime), one with a double print on Lacroix Ferres watermarked paper and the final a regular copy with 4 margins, 3 very wide.  There is also a cover front sent from Concordia to Mercedes via Paso de los Libres which has a circular eight section cork cancel from Concordia, a circular CDS from Concordia and a circular CDS from Paso de los Libres.  The beginnings of a great specialized collection and/or exhibit ar here.  Net $1950.

AR-71-37 All SOUVENIR SHEET lot--mostly NH, including 452, 474 (NH), 1271, 1279-80, 1285, 1365-6 (in full sheet of 10 strips), 1456, 1569-70 and many others.  Also includes Brazil 466.  Total cat is $376.50, net is just $150.

AR-B-01--Scott specialty album with pages through 1991, stamps stop around 1973, several hundred m/u stamps, a great starter lot, better include M 414-5,452,704,C26,CB1-5,CB2a and U 454-7.  Cat is $515.20, net is $150.

AR-B-02--1858-1960 Palo hingless album, like new except for some auction house stickers on the binder, all but one stamp unused, pay for the stamps and get an album needing no mounts, Includes 90-1, 144-59, 452,537,639-42,697A, 700,B8-9,CB1-5,CB6 and much more.  Cat is 925.35, Net $450.

AR-B-03--1980-1986 Palo hingless album, like new except for some auction house stickers on the binder, all NH, virutally all complete sets, pay for the stamps and get an album needing no mounts, Includes 1271m1326m1344-56 (less 1347), 1429-43A, 1456, 1457-62B, 1515-27  and much more.  Cat is 330.85, Net $165.

AR-B-04--1986-2000 Palo hingless album, like new except for some auction house stickers on the binder, all NH, virutally all complete sets, pay for the stamps and get an album needing no mounts, Includes 1569-70,1617-8B,1676,1679,1683-91,1801-6,2017, B121-2,B165-71,B176-9 and much more.  Cat is 549.35, Net $275.

AR-B-05--cover stockbook filled with 147 almost all different FDCs.  Virtually all are cacheted and unaddressed.  $75

AR-B-06--A cool looking old time album from Argentina, 1940s era.  Spine is falling off but the rest is in good shape.  Includes M 48, 427a, B1-5, used 11, 58, 90-1, C17, faulty and not counted 24, 67; Scott 3 used but counted as unused and a Corrientes stamp not counted.  Total cat is $380+, net is just $75.

AR-B-07--A Minkus album with pages through 1991.  Collection is loaded with both M and U, sometimes with duplication 3 or 4 deep.  It has a strong representation of material up to about 1982 and then a little sparse.  We only cataloged the pages through 1939, which totalled nearly $900.  Total cat will exceed $2000.  A great collection on which to build including M 61, 371-3, 452 and used 14,21, 30, 32, 67, C17-C19 and much more  Net is only $500.

AR-B-08--An attractive Guillermo Kroter album specifically made for First Day blocks of 4, popular in Argentina.  The album runs from 1941-1962 and includes 184 FD blocks and 6 SS (1 unused).  Very attractive and well worth our asking price of $60.

AR-B-09--Antarctic Covers, binder with 84 covers and a few stamps, all different from 1966-1974.  A great variety of uses, ships, bases and cachets.  Attractive, colorful cachets throughout, net $325

AR-BX-01--Big box of Argentina, many thousands of mostly officials, almost all used.  Hundreds and hundreds of copies of the Eva Peron stamps, great for flyspecking varieties.  Noted are ministerials, revenues and more...Includes nearly a pound of stamps on paper unchecked, with lots of commems.  Most will be common but with possibility of a find.  $60 net

AR-CV-01--51 covers (50 Argentina, 1 Peru) 1950s to 1970s, mostly commercial usages, many registered but all unofficial first day covers.  Some have the FD cancel, most have regular cancels.  The majority are philatelic, doubtlessly from Argentinean dealers of the era, but still an interesting lot, with lots of potential.  Net is $75.