Collections Terms and Conditions


BO-01--Mint and used collection on homemade pages, a total of 254 virtually all different, including M-15, 16, C8-10 and U 20, 22, 24-27, 28-31, 33.  19 stamps on the first page alone Cat $103++.  The whole collection is just $50

BO-02--1913-1963 virtuall all mint collection on Minkus pages, includes M-318-23,C113-7; 373-5, C165-8; 378-83,V169-75; 384-7,C176-81; C157-62, C182-6, C212-6 and more, net is just $35

BO-03--1863-1991 Minkus Specialty pages, Very clean, all mint collection, neatly mounted, virtually all complete sets including 27, 150-9, 274-80, 325-9,C119-23; 352-8,C150-6 and the 8 SS; 433-50, 661-8, 782-6, 801-2, C8-10, C30-4, C35-41, C72-81, Cat 923.65, net is just $275.

BO-04--1933-1955 all different, mint collection on a mixture of pages, many complete sets and SS.  Very clean collection but a few are wrinkled due to Crystal Mounts and will need to be remounted.  Includes 274-80, 288-9 (4 SS), 325-9,C19-23; 352-8,C150-9 and 8 SS; C8-10, C27-8,C30-4, C86-90 and much more.  Cat is 442.30, net is just $110.

BO-05--Old time collection on homemade album pages, 182 mostly different, including used 27 and used 34, the latter with a short perf.  Well worth $15.

BO-06--Stockbook 1890s-1960s with tremendous value and variety.  Thereis some duplication, but the quantities are manageable, both mint and used, many stamps catalog, $10, $15, $18 each, many, many complete setts, lots of better items, Cat is $1392.15, for a net of only $280.

BO-07--High quality old time mint and used collection on Scott pages, 1866-1967.  Includes mint 5, 12, 17, 150-9, 274-8, 433-50, C52-62, J1-9 used 40-6, 250-268 (some unused) and much, much more,  Scott SCV 1783.55, net $535.

BO-08--Several hundred  (m and u) of mostly older materials on Minkus pages with pages through 1983, including many better stamps.  The SCV from many years ago was 496.35 and valuations have risen greatly since then.  Includes 22 an35 used, many more for a net of only $150.

BO-09--1867-1940, old time collection on Vintage Reproduction pages, mostly used. Many complete sets.  Better include M--5, 12, 150-9,C8-12,C11-12,C14-6, used--11,16,20-23,34,78-81 (79 n/c),C52-62 and much more. SCV is $789.55, Net is only $235.

BO-11--40 different revenues,  Top two rows (16 revenues) cat €460, plus 24 additional unlisted.  Net $150  PHOTO

BO-12--Bisects on piece...56 in all great variety of different issues and time periods.  Most are from Oruro, but many other cancels are noted including cork, Potosi, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz Military Mail, Yaquiba, Ambulancia, Villazon, Tupiza and Sucre.  Interesting lot, $95.

BO-13--Eight different of the recently listed, attractive SS.  Includes--769 ftntes 3 &4; 812 ftnt 2; 838 ftnt; 781 ftnt; 890 ftnt; and 912 ftntes 1 & 2. This group includes such topicals as dogs, auto racing, Christmas, soccer, scouting and Pope John Paul II.  The SCV is an undervalued $85, our net is just $50.

BO-14--Eight different of the recently listed, attractive SS, 5 with MUESTRA (specimen) overprints.  Includes--719 ftnt; 747 ftnt 2; 769 ftntes 3 &4; 838 ftnt; 867 ftnt;  912 ftnte 1 and 929 ftnt. This group includes such topicals as wildlife (owls), astronomy, Christmas, soccer, scouting and Pope John Paul II.  The SCV is an undervalued $89, our net is just $50.

BO-15--Mostly used on album pages and stock sheets, several 100s almost all different, Includes M--1, 418-22,C212-6 and U 15, 22, 26, 27.  Cat is in excess of $200, net is only $40.

BO-16 M/U collection on Minkus specialty pages 1863-1968.  Several hundred stamps including M 2c, 17, C25,C27-34, C35-41, C85 and U 26, 27, 39, 46, 63-9,80. Total cat is over $600.  Net is just $180.

BO-17--1868-1984  Wonderful mostly mint collection on homemade pages.  Strength is in 1930s-1950s and collection is virtually cpl for this period.  Better include M 33,150-9, 264-6, 274-80, 325-9,C119-23; 352-8,C150-6; 365-70, C157-62; 388-92,V82-6; 454-8,C232-6; 459-62,C237-40; C1-7, C8-10,C25-41,C63-71; used 10, 45, 96, 131 and mixed 242-50, C27-34, C52-60.  Cat is $975, our price is just $275.

BO-B-01--Mostly used collection on Minkus pages to 1968, Cat 449.30, Net $135.

BO-B-02--Album with Scott and Minkus pages through 1981, mostly mint, lots of stamps, Cat $1154.75, Net $350.

BO-B-03--1867-1975, album with homemade pages, lots of complete sets, mostly unused.  Highlights include M 2c (x2),15,150-9,242-50,349a,b-51a,b and C149a,b-51ab; 357a,b-8a,b andC155a,b-6a,b; 450 (x2), 496a and C277a, C27-34,C35-41,C239a and used 10,11,16,34,45,81,C52-61.  Total cat is $1312.55, net iswell worth our asking price of just $400

BO-B-04--Both Scott and Minkus pages through 2002,  nice run of stamps, especially airs, mostly complete sets.  Cat is $1376.15, net is $410.

BO-B-05--Oldtime collection housed in a Don Bosco (Bolivia) "Album de estampillas de Bolivia" album.  The album pages are fragile and browned, but the stamps are okay.  The album has spaces for all Bolivian stamps (starting with Challas and including all varieties) through 1957 and the owner added items through 1963.  We would recommend making copies of the pages onto newer, acid free paper and expanding this great starter lot of Bolivia. Includes mint 433-50, 549-62,C237-40; C208-11, C217-22 and used 176-7.   Total cat is $461, net is just $135.

BO-B-06--1867-2008--Beautiful collection in a Scott specialty album with too many items to list here, both M/U but with the majority NH.  Total cat is $2745.50, net is only $825

BO-B-07--1867-2007--Mostly used collection on very attractive European pages (unknown company), three hole punched.  Pages complete for period.  Includes 1, 160-2, 176-7, 251-68, 450, C63-71, C72-81.  Several hundereds, a great collection to build on.  Total cat is $437.20, net is $150 in the lighthouse binder, $130 for the pages only.

BO-B-08--1867-1975--A neat, clean M/U collection mounted aonSpecialty Stamp Album pages.  Includes M-1, 1f, 5, 12,18, 57, 150-9, 274--80, 349a-C149b; 452-8, C150-6; 357a-C156b; 365-70, C157-62; 496a, C277a; C8-10; C11,C12, C14-6, C 25, C35-41, C52-62, C208-11, C217-22, C239a, C294a, J6 and used 10, 11, 15, 16, 23, 39, 45, 52, 78-81, mixed 24-7, 28-334, 242-50, 251-68.  Total cat is $1909, net is $570.

BO-B-09--1867-1990--An impressive mostly used collection on Minkus pages through 1982 (and blank thereafter).  Excellent coverage through the 1970s with better items including M-12, 52, 414-7, C15 and used 10, 11, 16, 17, 20-3, 24-7, 62-9, 78-81, 250-68, C52-62 and mixed 150-9.  Total cat is $995.20, for just $295 net.