Collections Terms and Conditions



CZ-01 1904-1939 A small mostly used collection (several dozen) on Vintage Reproduction pages, better include used 26, 84, 89, 93; all of the type A15s are identified by Scott # and Type,  Cat is $90.90, for a net of $27.50.

CZ-02--Several album remnants, with stamps sprinkled throughout, including 25 and 28 used.  On this collection, there are numerous stamps from 27-57 and 70-95 that we did not check for fonts so the cat might be quite a bit higher than indicated (cheapest SCV used on these stamps).  Cat is $110++, net is $30.

CZ-04--1904-1963 on Minkus specialty pages, better includes used 103.  Total cat is $162.30, net is only $45.

CZ-05--1904-1963, mostly used collection on Scott specialty pages, better items include used 29, 37, and 84.  Total Cat is $206.70, net is just $60.

CZ-06--1904-1978, Nice, predominately used collection on homemade pages.  Good variety with only light duplication.  Includes used 22-6, 29, 31-5, 37, 50, 54, 97.  Cat is 329.80 (plus an envelope not counted, net is just $80.

CZ-B-01    Small mostly used collection on Minkus pages, Cat $177.70, Net $60