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CA-B-01--Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador in a Minkus album with pages through 1978.  Many hundreds of mostly early stamps, both mint and used.  Many better stamps cataloging $2, $5 and $10 each are present.  A good starter collection to buid on.  Better include Guat. 174 used; Honduras M-13, 24, 130 and used 317, El Salvador M 9-12, C78-83 and used 1, 17, C45.  Total cat is $878.30, net is only $260.

CA-B-SP---Two volume Scott Specialty albums with pages through 1952 for Central America.  Many hundreds of stamps from seven Central American nations (British Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador).  Nothing rare is present, but the collection does include many useful items and occasional better sets such as Guatemala 21-25, C21-4; Honduras 51-64, C153-4, C188-97, C222-30; Nicaragua 695-700,C272-6; C203-14; and Panama 234-43, 244-55.  A great base on which to expand for less than the price of two new albums $250.