Collections Terms and Conditions


CO-01--1883-1944. Very nice M/U collection on Scott Specialty pages, includes M 170, 203, 349, 448-50, 463, 472, 518-9, C83-90, used 154c, 220a, 321, C43much mint, Cat $984,70, net $295.

CO-02--Collection on Scott Specialty, Cat $1020+, net $295.

CO-03--M/U collection of many hundreds on Scott & Minkus pages, better include M 513, 524-6,C279,C280; U 32, 37, 39, C134-44, C206, C208-16, C252 and  a number of SCADTA consular overprints (A, B, GB, F, EU, P).  A great start for a new collector of Colombia.  Cat is $658.95 for only $195.

CO-04--Collection of mostly NH singles and SS, Cat $339.50,mostly 1959 through 1981, includes * 760-1,C481-3; 768-9,C489-91; 772-3,C495-7; 797-8; C360-70, C566a and used C322-46. net $100.

CO-05--Good collection on Scott Specialty, net $125.

CO-06--Very nice starter collection, $40

CO-07--90 plus stamps, on pages $7.50

CO-08--1859-1940, an oldtime collection on Vintage Reproduction Pages, many better items included such as M- 7, 11, 33, 159 (2); U--3, 6, 25a, 82m 170, 273a, C49 (2), C50, C51-2 and F1.  Many elusive items throughout, a great collection to build on.  Numerous better faulty items not counted.  Cat is $1563.85, net is$450.

CO-09--About 150 different, mostly used, a good starter lot 1900s to 1950s, a few higher values noted, $15.

CO-10--Old time collection to about 1940 on Scott pages, includes M--140, 170, 171, 304c, 457-63 and U--31, 37a, 39, 41, 48, C49, C66, C92, F1 and much more.  Also has about 30 Antioquia stamps.Total cat is $765.90, net is $190

CO-11--Colombian Cancels--51 different types or colors including Buenaventura, Buga, Cartago, Cucuta, Espinal, Florida, Jiradot, Magangué, Málaga, Neiva, Ocaña, Pasto, Palmira, Panama, Popoyán, Ricuarte, Sincelejo, Socorro, Tocaima, Tunja and Villeta.  PHOTO   Net $125.

CO-12--REVENUES--A nice group of 48 hardly seen revenues from 1913 to about 1950 on homemade album pages.  Includes 11 different ABNC. Specimens and beautifully engraved high values including $20, $50, $100 and $200 pesos.  A great bargain at only $100.

CO-13--1859-2008--A very impressive collection on a mix of Scott and homemade pages.  Mint and used with used dominating the classic period, 90%+ mint afterward.  Spaces created for virtually every variety with a few present, but this collection just begs to be expanded.  Better items include M--36, 149, 265, 347, 439, 513, 644-65,632a,C266a; 697,C317-8; 760-1,C481-3; 772-3,C495-7; 797-8, 846, 858-9, C644-7; 900, 1084-7, 1131, 1126, 1149, 1153, 1158, 1174, 1266, 1267, C11, C11C-D, C111-4, C134-44, C151-63, C186-98, C175-85, C200-7, C240-53, C273-80, C289-90, C321-46, C347-50, C355, C360-70, C409-10, C491a, C496a, C566a and used 25, 31, 32, 39, 42, 42b, 45, 47, 48, 63, 65, 432.  Total Cat is $3422, net is $1025.

CO-14--SCADTA Consular Ovpts--23 all different including Scott # CLA28-9, CLB6-7, CLEU50-57, CFLEU3 (NH), CLF81 and 83, CLGB54-5, CLH51, CLI27, CLP56 and 59, CLE 28 and CLV59,  18 unused, 5 used.  Total SCV is $201.25, our net is $125.

CO-15  About 400-500 Colombia on album pages and stock pages.  Good variety and light duplication, Includes M--F3 and F4  Net $40

CO-16--Stockbook pages loaded with many 100s of mostly 19th century and early 20th century.  Also a few odd items including three Corrientes stamps, Chile 12 unused, Ecuador C33 used, as well as Colombia such as mint 140 (x2) and  used 31, 32, 434 (punched), C93, C110.  There are finds to be made as the stockbook is not well organized and jam packed in places.  Values of $1-10 abound.  You will also find several dozen better revenues, also Colombian States and 2 SCADTA consular overprint stamps.  A great deal with tremendous catalog value for just $275.

CO-17--1864-1916 M/U oldtime collection on homemade pages.  Nothing rare but much useful material in the $1-10 range.  The collection is a cancel treasure trove with the following noted:  Black--Bogota, Honda, Palmira, Ocana, Popoyan, Pie de Cuesta, Medellin, Bucaramanga; blue fancy straight lines of Barranquilla and Tocaima; fancy--"8", black asterisk, life preserver; and manuscript Carrizales, Barrranquilla, Buga, San Jose, Cali, Corinto and Tulua.  Cat is $409.65, net is just $120.

CO-18--Cancellation collection--1877-1881--Nice group on neatly mounted homemade pages.  Includes Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cucuta, Bucaramanaga, Neiva, Popoyan, Tunja, Malaga, Palmira, Tumaco, Ocano, Socha, Pasto Piedamo, and Panama. Cat of the stamps is $140++ .  Also has a page of mint Colombia cating $22 more.. Net is just $75.

CO-19--Telegraphs--62, virtually all different, listed in Yvert.  Rarely seen. Total catalog value is €85.65, net is just $75

CO-20--Colombian Airmails with the A and L overprints, mostly NH or LH,, varieties, shifted overprints, overprints applied at an angle, some split on the sides or top and bottom, missing center bar on the A, double overprints,.  A neat little collection of 59 stamps, including a block of 9 of  Sanabria 225b(C188 double overprint)--1966 price $5 each.  The cat for just the regular stamps is $103.60.  This whole group can be yours for just $150.

CO-21--1902-1950 Mostly used with duplicates, on scott pages, best item si Unused 508-12, but a good collection to build on, 611 stamps in all.  Cat is $175.85 + 3 large glassines not counted, net is only $40

CO-22--Nice mostly used collection on Minkus pages, 1865-1985.  Strength is in the 1930s to 1980s but much of the value is in some earlier stamps.  We only glanced at this but noted mint 543-4 and used 25a, 37, 42, 47, 49, 53, 78.  Cat will be tremendous compared to our asking price of $100.

CO-23--1930s-1960s  several 100s on Scott pages, mostly used with several pages of multiples (blocks of 4 or larger not counted).  Better include mint C251-3, C249-50, C355, C388 (x2) and used C197.  Total cat is $358.40, net is only $65.

CO-24  1859-1965 M/U collection on Scott specialty pages  Includes many premium items such as * 140 (Imperf), 159, 174, 483, 508-12 (513 not counted), 642a, 655, 674a, 640-2, C275-80; 697,C317-8;  C111-4; C266a, C278a, c349-50,C355, C409-10;  and used 31, 63, 65, 116-23, 159c,360-7; C33, C50, C96-110, C121-33, C151-63; C206, C239-53, C289-90 and Mixed C360-70  Total Cat is2474.200, net is just $750

CO-25  1860s-1960s M/U collection on blank pages, includes *125-6, 136-40, 154c, 170, 171, 513, 524-6, 642a, 644-65, F1 and used 63, 65, 84, 89, 154c, 445-7, 483.  Total cat $771.75, net $225.

CO-26--Hodge-podge of unlisted items including 43 virtually all different telegraph stamps (including paper varieties), a page of Medellin city locals (7 different with some duplication), 2 cut squires and seven different private extra rapid service stamps.  Also a few unlisted telegraphs, a Manizales Cathedral cinderella and a seal from the Colombian Mission in Berlin.  Quite the eclectic lot, only $30.

CO-B-01--Homemade collection in large binder, Specialized group of cancels on 129-132, 2008 Cat is $498.30, net $195.

CO-B-02--Homemade collection in large binder, 1930s to 1960s, mostly mint, including blocks and duplicates, very nice, 2008 Cat $1200+, net $300.

CO-B-03--Scott Specialty with hundreds of items 1880s to 1950s,  including 140m, 543-4u, C151-63u, also a good number of telegraphs not counted  Cat is $701.60, for net $200.

CO-B-07 All Mint, mostly NH, mostly cpl.sets in a stockbook.  Includes 592-3,709-12,C351-4; 736-9,C414-8; C409-10 and much more.  Cat is $215.1, net is $80.

CO-B-08--M/U collection 1859-1976 on Filatelia Tematica (Colombia) pages.  Album has a great run of material, many hundreds of stamps and SS including M--7, 439, 513, 674a, 760-1,C481-3; 846, C111-4, C134-44, C182-5, C214-6, C252-3, C289-90, C349-50, C255, C566a and U--3, 31, 32, 36, 40, 42, 63, 457-63, C96-110, C133, C186-98 and much more.  Cat is $2055.55, net is just $600.

CO-B-09--M/U collection 1859-1969 on Minkus specialty pages (and binder).  Many hundreds of stamps and a very high catalog value.  In a quick review, we noted M 171, C81 and C160-3 as well as U--35, 40 (x2),42,264, C110, C133 and C53.  Well worth our asking price of just $125

CO-B-10--3 ring binder stock book loaded with Colombian airmails C42-452.  Thousands of stamps to go through, both M & U, and includes such premium items as M C134-44 (x5),C111-4 (x2), C322-46 (x3) and used C186-96 (x2), C322-46, and many used high values.  This book has very high catalog value Net is just $300.

CO-B-11--1863-2015 mounted on a mix of homemade and Scott pages.  Several 1000s of stamps M/U and much desirable material.  Some of the highlights include M- 513, 524-6, 807, 846, 1022-7, 1051-2, 1110, 1122f, 1149, 1153, 1174, 1317, C111-4, C266a, C289-90, C355, C349-50, C481-3, C497, C720, C722-7, C899, C867-8, C886, C890, C905 C907; used 25, 31a, 39, 45, 47, 48, 49, 63, 89, C92, C96-110, C121-33, C151-63; and Mixed 322-45, C360-70.  Also has a small Colombian States which includes Cundinamarca used 16-17.  Total cat is $2515.85, our price is only $750.

CO-B-12  1863-1970s--An impressive collection of 1000s on homemade pages, Light, useful duplication throughout with either cancels or one mint/one used.  Many reprints identified (not counted).  Values up to $190 noted, this is a great Colombia collection.  Includes M 140(x2), 439, 513, 640-2,C275-80, 642a, 644-65, 674a, 697,C317-8; 760-1,C481-3; 772-3,C495-7; C111-4, C216, C289-90, C349-50, C360-70, C409-10, C496a, C491a, C566a; used 25a (x3), 37 (x2), 40 (x2), 42a (x2), 47 (x2), 49, 51, 171, 644-65, C121-33, C184.  Cat is $3226.30, net just $800.

CO-B-13 1975-1993--M/U collection on Filatelia Colombia pages, includes * 846, 970, 1040, 1057A, 1051-2, 1064-5, 1076 (sheet of 2 sets), 1077, 1078-80, C629a, C635, C662, C720, C831, C861.  Total cat is $439.60, net is $160.

CO-B-14  1859-1974--A very impressive mostly used collection on Scott Specialty pages.  Numerous highlights including mint 7, 174, 513, 797-8, C11A-B, C318, C349-50, C355 , C496a and used 3, 25, 26, 30, 31, 32, 35, 37-42, 42, 45-52, 135-40, 171, 148-59, 264, 324, 457-63, C14, C33, C49-50, C51-2, C92-3, C96-110, C121-33, C151-63, C175-85, C186-98, C239-53, C497, F1.  Light duplication throughout, but usually for a reason--nice cancels, color varieties, etc...  Total cat is $3743.10, a great bargain for just $1100.

CO-B-15--1864-2009--A beautiful collection on Scott Specialty pages through 2009 housed in two brand new Scott binders.  We have broken this collection down into three sections which can be purchased individually or as a unit.  The first are the regular issues, many hundreds of M and U, including Mint 51, 149, 159, 170, 457-63, 513 (x2), 642a, 674a, 760-1,C481-3; 846, 868, 879, 1051-2, 1076 (singles and sheet of 2 blocks), 1084-7, 1110, 1126, 1149, 1153, 1158, 1231, 1234, 1265-7, 1274, 1276, 1288-9 and used 31, 31a, 32, 35 pair, 40, 41, 39, 42a, 47, 49, 50, 63, 65, 224, 264-5. Cat is $2977.15 plus 9 pages of extras (cancels, multiples, not counted), net is $895.  Part 2 is airmails/BOB--hundreds of M and U, including M C92, C111-4, C134-44, C175-85, C186-98, C200-7, C208-16, C275-80, C289-90, C317-8, C349-50, C360-70, C355, C409-10,C481-3, C491a, C495-7, C496a, C566a, C635, C711, C720, C722-7, C867-8, C899-900, C905, C907 and used C14, c52, C93, C96-110, F1  Cat is 1928.70, net is $575. Final sectin is Colombian States, including Antioquia M 9, 71, used 25-6, 33, 70; Bolivar M 3 pair, 4, used 2, 6, 8, 35b, 36b; Boyaca M 16; Cundinamarca M 2, 3, 4, 18 and Tolima used 10, 11.  Catis $774.95, net is only $310.  All three sections total $ 1780, buy all three for $1700.