Collections Terms and Conditions


CO-ST-01--Nice group of m/u on old time Scott Specialty pages that include space for many delisted items such as Cali, Honda, Tumaco, Cauca, Barbacoas, Cucuta, etc.. Better include Antioquia used 7, 9, 33, 41 and m 156; Bolivar 8 used, Boyaca 16 mint.  Cat is $215.55, net is just $65

CO-ST-02--43 stamps of fancy or town cancels, both rubber stamp and manuscript.  Virtually all are from Antioquia or Tolima.  Among towns noted are Gigante, Espinal, Neiva, Ibague, Honda, Libano, Garzon, Yaguara, Santama, Cojaima, Aguado Baraya and many more.  $50.

CO-ST-07--M/U collection  on old Scott pages tht include spaces for items no longer listed (Cali, Rio Hacha, Tumaco, Cucuta, etc...) Collection includes Antioquia 15 used; Bolivar M 4, 6, used 3, 6 ,7  8-10; Tolima M 10, used 11 and much, much more.  Total SCV is $604.90, net is just $240.

CO-ST-08--A neat collection of 78 revenue stamps from Medellin and a few locals from Matanzas (32 stamps--8 blocks of 4, 4 perf 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c; 4 Imp 1c, 2c, 10c, 50c).  The Medellin are mostly from 1901-1904. Forbin (1915) catalog on these is 188.00 francs, and the collection has most of the Forbin listed items plus some unlisted.  Varieties are written up and explained.  Includes one  full sheet of Medellin stamped paper, (1901-2, third class, 4 pesos) used as a ledger sheet with 47 examples of  Forbin #7.  Seldom offered, you can own this group for $200.