Collections Terms and Conditions


Collection on Minkus pages, Cat $175+, net $50.

CR-01--Sets and singles in glassines, some Colombia as well, Cat $290+, net $90

CR-02--Beginner collection on Minkus pages, nice group, only $40

CR-03--Almost 300 Costa Rica, some mint but mostly used and Crete (21 mostly unused) collection on Minkus pages, $25

CR-04--REVENUE SPECIMEN collection from the ABNCo Archives, 540 different, $1200 net.

CR-05--Small group of 12 revenues from early 1980s including US$10 consular stamps, US$5 consular stamp (2--one unused), 500 colon fiscal stamp and others, net $15.

CR-06--Mostly used collection on Scott specialty pages, from 1862-1953, includes a #4 (not counted b/c of a nibbed corner, Cat $196++, Net $55.

CR-08--Minkus pages through 1996 with lots of stamps, nothing rare but many complete sets including M 251-5,C160-7,485-8,488a,492,C297, C313 P/I,C329,C561-76,C601-8, U C141-4,C189-96 and much, much more.  SCV is $709.75, our price isonly $210.

CR-09--1862-1940, small collection m/u on Vintage Reproduction Pages of several hundred, includes M-8, U-175, RMDR J3-8.O43.  Some better earlies not counted due to condition, a good starter collection. Cat is $246.75, Net $75.

CR-10--Modern revenue lot, 36 all different both m/u, including high values of US $5 and US $10 and values up to 500 colones.  A great buy at $75  SCAN

CR-11--All mint, all cpt sets 1940s-1963 on a Vario page.  46 different including C246-51, C256-72, C298-302, C366.  Cat is $43.50, net is $15.

CR-13--300 + mostly used older stamps on stock pages and a few album pages. There is good variety with much useful material including official and Guanacaste and some light duplication.  Well worth our asking price of $30.

CR-14--M/U collection 1900-1940, about 150 all different, with many $1-$5 items.  Total Scott is $124.55, net is only $30

CR-17--1863-1990, very nice collection of several 100s on Minkus pages, both mint and used.  Many values in the $1-6 range.  Better include mint 143-6, 200-8 and C128-40.  A great start on which to build.  Total cat is $368.80., net is only $110.

CR-B-01 Scott Specialty binder with pages through 1974, minkus pages after that to 1987, some toning, Cat $728.60 net is only $220.

CR-B-02--Mint and used in Minkus album through 1968, Cat $370, Net $115.

CR-B-03--Mint and used 1863-1971, includes C168-74,C189-96, Cat $374, Net $120.

CR-B-72-04--1863-1971 m/u collection on Scott pages and album.  Includes M--C141-4, C292-6, C303-12, C321-8 and Mixed55-7, C81-91A, C227-45.  Total cat is $543.40, net is $160.

CR-B-05--Home made album in binder using Vario pages, mint and used, many nice modern sets, Cat is $686+, Net $225.

CR-B-06--Mostly used 1910-1984, many hundreds of stamps, stamps appear glued down, lots of value, but lots of soaking to remove, a great buy at $40.

CR-B-07--used and mint collection on homemade pages through the 1960s. Several hundred, a good starter collection, including M-C128-40, C141-4, C168-77, C256-72, C303-12, C313 P & I, C354-61.  SCV is $471.95, net is only $125.

CR-B-08--Three small binders with sales sheets, some duplication, but with plenty of material to build a nice collection, better items include C92,m C141-4u, C145-m7, C148-53m, C211-5m, C256-73m, C313 P/I, C320m and more, net $100.