Collections Terms and Conditions


CU-01--Beginner collection, lots of stamps, mostly used, some Castro era, $30.

CU-02--1855-1961 Small collection on Minkus pages but loaded with better items. Includes mint 14, 16, 38, 67-70, 102, 284-93, 294-8, 299-303; 340-54,C24-9,E10-11; 332-6; 275-9, 381-6, 423-30, 458-61,C41-3,E13; 475-80,C57-60,E16; 490-7,C73-4; 500-9,C73-4; 514-8,C92-5,E19; 539-42,C110-3; 607,C182-4; C189-91, C31, E26-7 and used 41, 261,C237, J1-3.  Cat is $1500.75, net is only $450

CU-03--small mostly used collection on album pages, cat is $36.45, net just $8.

CU-04--Complete Christmas sets used in blocks of 4 plus singles for 1961, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1969 and 1969 in blocks of 4 or 5.  CV is understated as most are counted as sigles, toal SCV $114, net is just $40.

CU-05  1855-1898 Very nice mostly used collection on Minkus pages.  Inclueds mint 27 and used 1-4, 5-7, 49, 53, 152.  A great start for a rewarding collection. Virtually all different.  Cat $445.60, net just $125.

CU-72-05--1874-1956 m/u collection on homemade pages plus 5 vario sheets with 100s more.  A very goo started collection, almost no duplication and around 500 stamps. Cat is $245.50 (plus Vario pages not counted in this total for oly $100.

CU-06--REVENUES-1856-1899, Spanish Colonial Era, 23 different, with a number of better and high value stamps.  The original dealer retail on this group was $165, our asking price is just $100  SCAN

CU-07--REVENUES-1856-1899, Spanish Colonial Era, 118 different, most valid for all Spanish Colonies, some only for Cuba.  A great variety of seldom seen and attractive issues.  Lot includes documentary, police, judicial and other revenues. The 1990 Jones Rodriguez catalog values these at $322.  Our asking price is only $250.

CU-08--1864-1961, hundreds of mostly used on album pages and stock pages with light duplication.  Much useful material including 226 (2).  Also includes wholesale NH group including 663-5,C215-8 (24 cpl sets plus extra singles), 672 (20), 674 (54) and 676 (76).  All for only $100.

CU-09--Lot of 1800 stamps and 79 SS, virtually all different and all used.  Mostly Castro era from the early 1960s through the 2000s in year sets.  Hundreds of attractive topicals.  An economical way to fill out the Cuba pages of your album.  Only $175.

CU-10--Minkus album pages 1855-1961 filled with hundreds of mostly used stamps.  A very nice collection that includes M 26, 67-70, 173-4, 246, 294-8 and used E4.  Also included are two pages of Castro-era material postally used that was not counted.  Total cat is $641.05, net is only $195.

CU-B-01--Castro's Cuba Stamp Collection in two binders as produced by Mystic stamp company.  Albums are mostly empty but do have a sprinkling of CTO singles and some complete topical sets (flowers, birds, space, paintings, athletics, etc...)  Cat is $104, net is much less than the cost of even the albums, both for only $35.

CU-B-02--Two volume collection 1959-2009 on vario pages in 2 Mystic Stamp Company albums, all CTO, virtually complete from 1970-2008, earlier coverage is spotty, but includes 858-83 including the 5 blocks.  Tremendous variety, several thousands of stamps, virtually all complete sets $350.

CU-B-03--1855-1959, collection in Scott specialty binder with pages and slip case.  The pages unfortunately, have been torn where hole punched, so they cannot be placed in the binder.  However, this mostly mint (a few used) has a great deal of useful material including M-63-6, 67-70. 152, 354, 562-3, 611-2, 648-62a, C33, C39, C41-3, C47-9, C46, C51-6, C122-6, C126a, C185-91, C211, E2, E14, E26-7 and J8-10 and much more.  Total Cat is $1680.90, net is only $500.

CU-B-04--All NH complete sets and SS in a stock book.  Scott 703-2085 (1962-1976), lots of attractive topicals, Includes 709, E32; 760-74, 963a, 963b, and 1572-86 (singles).  Total cat is $401.45.  Net is only $125 

CU-B-05--All unused (NG, OG, NH) collection of many hundreds on stock pages running from about 1900 to 1970, with the strength in the 1950s and 1960s.  Cat value is tremendous, duplication is manageable.  An economical way to fill in many album holes.  Noted are 231, 291, 226, 355, C219-21, C231-4 and much more.  Only $100.

CU-B-06 1855-1961--virtually all mint collection in a beautiful Minkus album.  Many are lightly to moderately stuck down, but can be freed with patience.  Better included * 227-31, 340-54,C24-9,E10-11 (missing 2 stamps); 466-8,C47-9; 500-9,C79-89; 490-7; 539-42,C110-3; 553-6, C131-3 E21; 566-9,C153-5 E22; 595-606; E3 and used 233-7, C16.  Total Cat is $1131.85, net is just $225.

CU-B-07--1855-1959--Nice collection, mostly unused in a Scott specialty binder, includes M 172-3, 226, 231, 294-8, 332-6, 375-9, 423-30, 595-606, 648-62, C31, C41-3, C44-50, C114-6, C149a, C185-91, C211, C226, E1, E4, E14, E26-7, used 4, 83, C16, mixed 239-52, 264-73, 299-303.  Cat is $2356.10, net is just 700.

CU-B-08--1855-1993--Almost all used collection in attractive and high quality Majo (Spanish) album pages and Lighthouse binders (2 volumes).  Volume 1 is through 1968 and has most of the value ($836.45 cat).  Volume two has 100s of mostly attractive CTOs but we did not catalog them.  A few of the better items include 284-93, C16-7,C126a,E4,E26-7 and C77-78 (toned and not counted in CV).  Just $300 for both volumes.

CU-B-09--A small stockbook with several 100 used Cuba stamps that were not counted.  In the front are some stock pages and album pages with better mint material including 272, 353, 375-9, C16, C31, J3 and sheets of 648-62 (without the borders).  Cat of the mint alone is $628, plus the used for only $125.

CU-B-10--3 volume Palo hingless albums each in slip case...for sale individually or as a unit.  Virtually all the stamps are NH, including much early material and some of the colonial stamps.  CU-B-10-A--Volume 1 (scott 1-700; 1855-1961).  Includes NH 224, 269-73; 284-93; 294-8, 299-303; 324-31; 332-6; 355; 365a; 368-72; 375-9; 381-6; 387-91;423-30; 463-5; 490-7; 500-9; 595-606; 649-62 in full sheets; unused 2, 16,113, 114, 117, 172-3; 354; used 3, 4, 261.  Total cat is $2463.95, net is only $850.  CU-B-10-B--1962-1970 Virtually all NH including 760-74 (singles); 858-83 (singles and in blocks); 883a; 888-907; 912-26 blocks; 963a-b; 1025-39 (blocks-3c block used); 1572-86 (blocks).  Total cat is 738.20, net is $295.  CU-B-10-C--Airmails and BOB, virtually all NH including C16, C23-4, C24-9, C31, C44-6, C50a-b; C61a,b-C62a,b; C182-4; C185-91,C211, C219-21 (all three languages); E4, C26-7, J4; LH--J3.  Total cat is $1647.40, net is only $650.  All three would be $1895 buy them all for $1795.  Pay for the stamps, not the album!!

CU-B-11--1855-1995--Interesting collection of many 100s both mint and used on Vario pages with each stamp identified by Scott number.  Nothing scarce here, but loads of useful material with many items cataloging in the $1-10 range.  A few better things we noted were mintu 110, 136, 252, C231-4, p19-24 and used 4.  Priced to move.  Total Cat is $859.60, net is just $175 (about 20% SCV)

CU-B-12--1963-1980--780//1435; 2101//2378.  All unused (most are NH), housed in a stockbook.  All are complete, singles or sets.  Most are in the $3 to $10 range, with occasional better such as888-907.  Cat is618.90, net is $150.

CU-B-13--1981-1986--2379//2878--All NH complete sets or singles, all different,  total cat is $187.95, net is just $75.

CU-B-71-14--1855-1961--Three stock books loaded with lots of great material.  A very strong stock, with quantities usually in the 2-5 range of each, occasionally as many as 25-30 of a stamp.  Both mint and used, this grouping is perfect for the collector looking to do some searching for flyspeck varieties, or better cancels.  The better items are too many to mention here, but they abound.  A few of the items not counted is a faulty but nice looking 62 (CV $350), 264a with the top two stamps separated from the other 4 (CV $75); and a partial 265a.  Also present but not counted are a nice grouping of Cuban revenues and other seals.  This is a great buy at about 11% of Scott.  Total SCV is $11,3880.20, our asking price is only $1250.