Collections Terms and Conditions


GU-01--Odds and Ends accumulation on a stock page.  Includes cut squares, telegraphs, revenues, bisects on piece, cancels that the owner thought were interesting, labels, including one revenue stamp over 15 inches long (faulty but really cool--one half of it is scanned).  There are 85 pieces here (if multiple stamps on piece or in a block, they were counted as one piece).  This interesting lot can be yours for just $50.  SCAN1  SCAN2

GU-02--1871-1934 Oldtime M/U collection on homemade pages 1871-1934.  Includes M 7-10, 11-14, 16, 17-19, 21-5, 86a and U 1, 9, 15-6, 21-25 and much more.  Also has a quite a number of Scott unlisted varieties identified.  Total Cat is $1194.70++, net is only $350

GU-03--Collection on Minkus Specialty pages, with strength in the modern era, most of the mint is NH.  Includes NH C151-80, 355-9, C577-88, CB11-4 and much more. Total cat is $505.87, net $165.

GU-04--old time collection 1875-1924. M/U collection on album pages, nice and fresh.  Includes M--11-4, 15-6, 18 and 174 and mixed 7-10.  Total cat is $372.90, net is only $110.

GU-05--1875-1980s  M.U collection on Scott international pages, nice items sprinkled throughout, very clean and fresh.  Includes M 9, 104, 52a, 1278, 339a, C92; used 65; mixed 21-5, 26-30.  not much after the 1960s. Cat is $346.60, net is just $85

GU-06--A mostly mint, mostly cpl sets collection on stock pages.  Better include U--5; 127 (2); 128 and mint 216, 245-6; 428-9,C614-9,C151-6; C163-5; C171-6; C177-80; C352-5; C444-5, C577-88; and C815 among others  Cat is $510.35, net is $150

GU-07--1871-1926, Small m/u collection of 76 stamps on homemade pages including 16*, 21-25u, 106u,127* and 174u.  Cat is $93.95, net $27.50

GU-08--Mostly used, but some mint from 1871-1978 on a variety of pages, Includes M 10, 19, C448a, used 14, mixed 21-5.  Many hundreds, lots and lots of stamps, this collection will fill many holes and is a great way to begin collecting this fascinating country,  Total SCV is $599.35, net is $180.

GU-09--Mixed mint and used collection (1871-1940) on Vintage Reproduction Pages.  A few are damaged and not counted including a pleasing copy of 20 missing a few perfs, included M 11-4, 15-6, 21-5, 65, 69, 247-51 and used C67 and C68 plus much, much more.  Cat is $768.55, Net only $230.

GU-10--1900-1940 Several 100s m/u on Scott pages, with values up to $10, many $1-$5 values, including M C8-12,C92, CO1-6 and U--127, 143, 174.  Cat is $189.70, net is only $47.50

GU-11--Scott 18--19 examples from Roger Frigstad's approval book.  6 unused, 13 used.  Includes page of 1st printing, several fancy and color cancels, and various number cancels, each identified.  Nice starting point for a specialized collection or exhibit.  $50 net.

GU-12--All mint, very clean, high quality collection on Scott pages, 1871-1964, many better and cpl sets.  Better include 21-5, 82, 124-8, 130, 175-7, 292-6, 355-9, C151-6,C158-62, C171-6,C177-80,C235-42,C304-9,CB15-21, CO1-6.  Total cat is $965.70, net is only $300 

GU-13--All used, very clean, high quality collection on Scott pages, 1871-1964, many better and cpl set.  Better include 1,4,7-10, 11-14 (2), 16, 17-8,21-5, 31-41, 69, 99-107, 143-5, 172-4, 292-6, C1-10, C12, C67, C126a, C310, CO1-6, O3-5, RA19.  Catis $689.95, net is only $240.

GU-14--1871-1985 M/U collection on Minkus pages, many 100s with many values $5-40 noted, including mint 9, 10, 15, C158-62, C352-5; and used 172-4, C8-12, C29-31.  Total cat is $567.10, net is only $170.

GU-15--Classic (1871-1922) collection on album pages, much better with values up to $16 noted.  Material is very clean, a great, economical way to build a fine Guatemala collection.  Cat is  $161.20, net is just $50.

GU-16  All mint collection on old Schaubek pages, 1871-1937.  Includes 7-10, 15-6, 21-5, 26-30, 197b, 229, 259-63, O3-5, RA3 and a fake of $5 for reference.  Cat is $66.35, net is just$140.

GU-17--Virtually all used collection on old Schaubek pages, 1872-1940. Includes *Co1-6, used 5 (cat $175), 7, 11-4, 15-6, 17, 21-25 (multiples with nice cancels, up to 5 of each), 26-30, 65, 104-5, 107, 127, O1-5.  Cat is $787.85, net is just $195

GU-B-01--Two binders filled with mostly mint, NH stamps through the 1970s, starts with Scott #7-10, 21-25, 92-6, many others through the 1970s, many complete sets, some blks of 4, such as C715-38, Cat is $985+ for net $225.

GU-B-02--M/U collection of many hundreds in 2 homemade binders with issues through 2011, better include Mint C223-9, C235-42, C577-88, C655a, C659a, C831,C848-8. m/u C171-6, U RA19.  Cat is $660.35, for a net of $199.

GU-B-03--1871-2003 (pages to 2007) Mostly used collection on Scott specialty pages to 1984 and then on some other pages (manufacturer unknown) to 2007.  Includes Mint 499-50-5. C523, C588 SS (3); C789 SS (2-cat $225), CB5-7,CB8-10; used 1,4 (x2), 5, 7-10, 11-4, 17, 20, 21-5, 60-73, 87a, 143-5, 172-4, C8-12, C126a, CO1-6 and Mixed 15-6. Cat is $1791.  Also includes a Honduras collection on Scott specialty through 1974.  Better include mint 13 (x3), 16, 24, 51-64, 103-10, C99-100, C403a, used 128-30, C128-42, C387-403 and mixed C429-35.  Cat is $780.  Total cat is $2571, all for just $770.  

GU-B- 04--Minkus binder and pages loaded with several hundred stamps and SS   Values to $8 throughout with occasional better items.  A great start to a Guatemala collection.  Also includes cut squares, revenues and stationary not counted.  Total Cat $965.65, net is $285.