Collections Terms and Conditions


HA-01--Very nice collection on Scott Specialty, lots of stamps, Cat is $147.50, net $50

HA-02--1881-1949 parallel mint and use collection on old Schaubek pages.  Better include M 1, Used 1-6, 18-20, 38-46, 76, 81,89-95, 102-7.  Cat is $379.1, net is only $115.

HA-03--Small M/U collection 1881-1940 on Vintage Reproduction pages, includes M- 124 and B1, U--4, 6.  Cat is $201.35, net is only $60.

HA-04--Haiti and Honduras all but one mint, attractive 1950s-1960s materials, almost all cpt. sets, includes Hon. C279-88, C289-300, C300a and Haiti 424-7,C119-21, C121a, 456-61,C161-2, used 348.  Cat is $124.40, net is $37.50.

HA-05--Over 500 stamps on Vario pages with duplication.  We noted M--451,C148-50, C54, C108-11Well worth our asking price of less than 5c a stamp $25.

HA-07--1887-1940, small collection of several dozens, but quite useful and clean material.  Mostly mint including 25, 45, 303, 320, C1-4, C5-7.  Cat is $89.55, net is just $25.

HA-08--1887-Classic collection of several 100s on homemade pages.  Better include mint 1 (x2), 142, 193, 195 and a block of 50 of 156 as well as used 4, 6, 7-13, 18-20, 80, 81.  Several imperf sets not counted.  A very good early Haiti collection.  Cat is $502, yours for only $125.

HA-09--1881-1986--M/U collection on Minkus pages.  Several hundreds with lots of useful material including  M 83-8, 185 and used 7, 8, 13, 616-O.  Total cat is $273.60, net is $80

HA-B-01 Minkus album with pages through 1974, much useful material, numerous stamps in the $1 to $10 range, 2012 Cat $600, net $180.

HA-B-02 Scott album and slipcase, pages through 1968 both mint and used, lots of great material, Cat $396, Net $125.

HA-B-03--1881-1999 mostly used collection, very clean on Scott specialty pages through 1988 and other pages through 2003.  Includes mint 872, 902, 903, 918a, B1, C4A (NH), C136-8, c373 and used 1-6, 18-20, 340-8 and J20.  Many hundreds, cat is $998, net is just $300.

HA-B-04  Strong M/U 1881-1962 collection on homemade pages.  Better include M 1,2, 186, C63-70, 442-3,C136-8,B1 and used 4, 81, 348>  Much useful midrange material here. not your run of the mill Haiti collection,at is $677.80, net is only $200

HA-B-05 Lovely virtually all mint collection on Scott specialty pages, very clean.  Includes 1-3, 80, 123-4, 142, 193, 195, 340-8, C14-8; 349-54,C22-3; 361-9,C25-32; 393-401,C63-74; 442-3,C136-8; B1,CB1-2; C1-4, C4A; C5-9, RA1-16, sheet of RAC2.  Total cat is $990.80, net is just $295.

HA-B-06--Parallel mint and used collection on Scott specialty/homemade pages 1881 to 1976.  All in a Scott Specialty binder housed in a matching slip case.  Better items include unused 121-4, 193, 195, 442-3, C136-8; C25-32, C63-70, CB7a, RA1-16 and used 1-6, 7-12.. A mint CB8a is also present but not counted in total due to a tear.  Total cat is $913.10, this is a bargain for only $225.

HA-B-07--1881-2003--A beautiful, pristine Scott specialty album with a complete set of pages through 2003 (the year Haiti issued its last stamp, so the album is complete.  The early are mostly used, but the later items are all unused. No high powered material here, but lots that is useful including M--192,194, 275, 442-3,C136-8; 562-5,C277-9; B2-24 with corresponding airmails, C5-7, C32, C52-3, C114a, C121a, C125 ftnt (2 SS), C374, RA1-8.  Pay for the stamps and get a great album for cat is 508.75, net is $175.

HA-B-08--1881-1999--A nice collection in a Scott specialty album with printed pages to 1974 and the rest on blank pages.  Beter items include M 123, 143, 192, 193, 195, 424-7,C119-21; 442-3, C136-8; 854-8, 859-65, 866-72, 873-6, 877-90, 896-901, 902, 915-8, 919a, C107a P & I; C125 ftnte (2 SS) and used 1, 4,76.  Total cat is $817.65, net is only $250.