Miniature cover franked with 28a and 36 from Port au Prince to Nantes France,  a very rare franking, Nantes receiving CDS on rev  $250  PHOTO

Cover from Cap Hatien to Prais francked with a single copy of 187, Port au Prince transit marking on rev.  Nice and scarce $25  PHOTO


March 20, 1920 cover from Port au Prince to Galveston, TX with blurry CDS tieing Scott 304 stamp to cover, cover has a nick missing at UR and stamp is torn at bottom, still nice item $25.  PHOTO

1927 July 27 cover Port au Prince local use.  Colorful display of 8 stamps each with a commemorative Berthelot cancel in blue.  Probably one of the earliest commemorative cancels world wide.  Included note gives a brief history of Pierre Berthelot. Revers has early Haitian scout ccl in blu. Very attractive $125  PHOTO

March 27, 1931 local cover with special cancel in blue commemorating visit of Fenoteur King, also with Port au Prince CDS inb black, cover contains a C2, 317 and 320, scarce and attractive usage, $95  PHOTO

313 block of 6 on Nov 20, 1939 philatelic cover Port Au Prince to Detroit, posted on board SS Ancon, interesting and attractive, $30  PHOTO

314 pair on December 1930 cover from Miragoane to Germany, numerous receiving and transit markings on back including Port au Prince, NYC and Germany, $20  PHOTO

316 on Jul 18 (no year slug) cover from Port Au Prince to NYC, small tear @ top, $10  PHOTO

327b (seven copies, 6 on rev), 343, 356 and RA3 on odd shaped cover to NYC from Cap Haiten, dated Dec 15, no year, with tape censor marking at left, $25  PHOTO

329 on Nov 21 (no year slug) cover from Port Au Prince to Richmond VA, slightly trimmed at right, $10  PHOTO

329 on Aug 14 (no year slug) cover from Port-Au-Prince to NYC $10 PHOTO

HAI_Cover_330_toOH.jpg330 on 1941 cover with nice slogan cancel postmark to Cleveland, OH  $10  PHOTO

335 and C6 on a cover from a garage in Port Au Prince to Detrot car executives $20 PHOTO


310 Lindbergh flight cover Feb 6, 1928 $75  PHOTO

316, C2 January 12 1934 cover from St. Marc to Chicago, nice small town ccl, C2 is faulty $15  PHOTO

C1 and C5 on Jan 15, 1935 cover from Port-au-prince to Washingtonville, NY $15 PHOTO

C2, 317,320  local usage with

C8A Mar 11, 1944 to Chicago, tape censor, $10 PHOTO

C8A and RA3 on Feb 24, 1943 cover to New Orleans with tape censor $10  PHOTO

C117 nice Lucky Strikes cigarrette Advertising cover, $10  PHOTO

Cover from Port au Prince to NYC with C47 and RA12 $5  PHOTO


H & G PC-8 unused  $10  PHOTO

H & G PC-13 unused $5

H & G PC-13 unused on white cardstock, unlisted $10

H & G PC-14 unused $5

H & G PC-14 unused on pink cardstock, unlisted $10

Unlisted 3c green like PC-14 on white cardstock $10

Unlisted double card 3c green on green cardstock $15

H & G A-1 unused $10

Unlisted aerogramme, 50c airplane with "Haiti terre du sourire" slogan, unused $10

Unlisted aerogramme, 50c airplane with "Haiti terre du sourire" slogan, used, unaddressed $10