Collections Terms and Conditions


HO-01--1865-1977 Mostly mint collection on Scott International pages through 1977.  Most of the later pages are blank, but this is a great collection to build on.  Incl. mixed 30-6 (some a's), mint 40-50, 51-65, C269-78,C279-88, C289-300.  Cat is $129.10, net is $37.50.

HO-02--Airmail Collection on Scott Specialty pages, 1939-1965, includes M--C181-6, C377-9, CO69-87...Cat $204.05, net $50

HO-03--Collection on Scott Specialty pages, 1903-1953, includes M C101-8, C85-8, C144-52,C155-62, C181-6, C222-30, CO60-8-- Cat $261.20, net $80

HO-04--1865-1976 M/U collection on Scott specialty pages.  Stamps are fairly complete through 1966, two sets of pages for some periods, but very little duplication.  Includes M--51-64 (x2), C144-52, C155-63, C181-6, C325-30, C387-403 and much more.  Cat is $687.25, we are only asking $200.

HO-05-- M/U collection 1865-1974 on Scott specialty pages many better including 30a (2), 40-110, 128, 130, 256-7, C100, C153-4, C187, C230. Cat $467.60 net is only $140 .

HO-06--1865-1953, on Scott Specialty pages, better includes mint 30-6 (35u), 51-64,278, C127, used C111-7, nice group, Cat $286.50, Net $90.

HO-07--1865-1981, M/U collection on Scott pages, strongest in 19th century with numerous complete stamps.  Very few stamps on the later pages, but these are the easiest to fill.  Better items include M 40-50, 51-64, 130, 332-5,C99,C101-8, C111-7,C144-52, C153-4, C155-62 and U 128.  Cat is $436.35, Net only $130.

HO-08--1865-1940, m/u collection of several hundreds on Vintage Reproduction pages.  Better include M 13, 24, C99-100.  Not a lot of high values, but dozens and dozens of $2-10 stamps abound which will fill many holes in this difficult country.  Cat is $425.10, net is $125.

HO-10 Unusual assortment of mostly cpl sets and high values, mostly mint, including 51-64, 103-10, 130, CB1-4,C85-8, CO38, O23-7. Cat is $214.65 with several items not counted, net is $60.

HO-11--1900-1940--nice group without all of the 19th century material in every Honduras collection.  M/U on Scott pages including 111-8, 131-7, 278, C31, C85-8, CO1-5, CO6-14,  Cat is $169.65, net is only $42.50.

HO-12--14 all different revenues, 1877-1918, almost never seen.  In 30 years of stamp dealing, this is the largest group of Honduran revenues I have ever been able to offer.  High values to 5 pesos included, $75.

HO-14--Useful M/U collection on homemade pages, 1866-1970s, needs orgnaiztion, but lots of better items including 30a-6a, 51-64,103-10, C99-100, C155-62, C169,C188-97,C279-88, C289-300,C325-30, C336-44, C387-403,C527-30, CO98-109.  Cat is $412.30, net only $85.

HO-15 1865-1938, parallel M/U collections on old Schaubek pages, Includes M 13 (x2), 23, 24, 30a, 51-64, 295-7, O89-97 and Used 128.  Cat is $241.80, net is just $60.

HO-16--1893-1968 mostly used collection mounted on pages, values to L. 2.00 noted, better items include used C434 and CO108a.  Total cat is $93.60, ent is $25.

HO-B-01--Scott Specialty binder with pages through 1974, Minkus pages after that to 1987, Cat $981 net is only $295.

HO-B-03-All Mint airmail collection, 1930-1970, includes C99-100,C144-52,C155-62, C180, C181-6, C230, C231-7, C241-9,C279-88,C299-300, C325-30 and CO99-109 with much more.  Cat is $499.15, Net $150.

HO-B-04  A substantial stockbook of M and U from Scott #1 through the 1970s.  There is great strength through out, with holes where you would expect, but tremendous catalog value and potential for a find.  Quantities are manageable, with numbers rarely running beyond 5.  Includes the Higgins and Gage stationary pages for Honduras, but not postal stationary items.  A great buy for only $400.

HO-B-05--Minkus album with printed pages through 1983 and homemade pages through 1994.  Many hundreds of stamps m/u with strong classic and modern material.  Includes 344-9, 370-6, C144-52,C181-6,C170-80,C188-97,C269-78,C301-30,C486-500, C505-19, C601-10,C739-52, C809-12,C905-7, CO88-97 and CO99-109 and much, much more.  Total cat is $765.20, net is just $230.