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Hi, Welcome to Ken's Korner.  I created this page to tell you a little bit about me and what is new with Nieser Stamps. 

May 5, 2024--Happy Cinco de Mayo.  We celebrated by going to Olive Garden--my wife is not a big fan of Mexican food--too spicy for her Colombian palette.

This week has been busy as usual, with new issues arriving from Argentina, Brazil, Aruba and Surinam.  I am still working to obtain new issues from Ecuador and Guatemala.  No luck so far, but I will keep you informed.  I have also made good progress in breaking down a large Paraguay collection.  I still have 1 and 1/2 volumes to go, but many items previously out of stock are now available.   That's all for this week.  Sorry this is short, but it is late and I have to work tomorrow...I still work full-time at a university.  Have a great week.

April 28, 2024--It has been quite a busy week as usual.  I am now about half way through the Paraguay collection and have filled in many holes in stock, especially modern material, both mint and used.  I have added some interesting FDCs to the listings as well. I have also added material to the "Odds and Ends" pages for Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Colombian States, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. 

I have decided to slowly move many of the varieties listed on the regular price lists to the "Odds and Ends" list.  This is because most of the varieties usually come in quantities of 1 and once I sell that item, it is unavailable.  As I am not able to keept the price lists up-to-date as often as I would like, it is easier to add and delete items from these "Odd and Ends" pages.  On the price lists, you will continue to see some minor numbers--mostly perforation varieties, imprint differences and such.  However, overprint varieties, imperforate and part-perforate stamps as well as oddities will be migrating to the "Odds and Ends" section.  This is one of the buttons on the left hand of the stamp homepage, but you may have to scroll down to see this button.  Here is a link to make it easier to find "Odds and Ends".

I did finally put up a special offer for April/May--10% off Argentina.  Sorry for the delay in getting to that.  This week I also added a few new issues to the Caribbean Netherlands listings.  That's it for this week--see you next Sunday.

April 21, 2024--Wow, it's hard to believe that 2 weeks have passed since my last update.  Well, as I mentioned last update, I went out into the Texas Hil Country to be in the path of totality for the eclipse.  I met five very close friends and we spent the weekend in the country, enjoying each other's company, eating well, laughing a lot and having fun.  The eclipse was more of an excuse for us to get together.  Despite cloudy weather, the eclipse was not a total bust.  The sun would come out from time-to-time and we were able occasionally see the eclipse.  During totality, the skies darkened like at dusk and at that moment, the clouds lightened and we were able to see the complete eclips along with the solar corona.  Quite nice.  There were scary reports of nightmarish traffic on the way home, but we were very fortunate that we didn't run into any problems on our return to Houston.

Stampwise, Surinam, Chile and Peru new issues have arrived and are now listed on the website.  I have been breaking down a comprehensive Paraguay collection and adding quite a bit of material into stock.  I have also added a small lot of Brazil revenues BR-45 to the collection page.

March 31, 2024--Happy Easter.  I hope your Easter weekend was pleasant.  We had a quiet day at the house.  I cooked a ham with smashed potatoes (that's how my wife calls them) and asparagus.  My father brought over a nice bottle of Malbec (Norton Reserve--if you don't know it, try it...).  It was a pleasant afternoon.

Turning to stamps, I have had problems with mail delivery at the PO Box.  Apparently, USPS has, for some reason, flagged my PO Box and is either returning mail to senders or sending it for further "research", delaying receipt of mai.  The box is paid through June and I've had the same box for over 15 years, but all of a sudden, they can't find me.  This is the third time in 3 years that this has happened.  It is very frustrating.  The local PO people tell me that this is happening at the processing center and there is nothing they can do.  I feel quite helpless.

The collections I spoke about have been added.  The three volume Venezuela is VE-B-74-12--well worth investigating.  The Argentina is AR-74-44 and the Brazil is BR-74-39.  Surinam new issues have been added.  In the next few weeks, I will be working up a large Paraguay collections--mostly modern, with many covers.  I will let you know as this material gets listed.  Also, Chile and Peru new issues are on the way.  I will also be receiving soon a set of 19 overprints from Argentina from last year.  A very difficult set to find, but I have a number of complete sets coming in.  They will be priced at $175.

There will be no update next weekend.  I will be in Kendalia, Texas, for the solar eclipse.  I should get to putting up the monthly special for April in the next day or two.  Have a great week.

March 17, 2024--It has been a busy week, as usual.  I set aside stamps for a few days to get all my tax paperwork pulled together and organized.  This year, everything fell into place pretty well, no major complications.  Now that taxes are finished, I am beginning to turn my attention back to stamps. 

I did manage to price up two of the collections I mentioned in my March 3rd blog.  The Bolivia collection is fantastic, highly complete for the period.  Check out BO-74-19.   The Chile collection is also worth a look--it is CH-74-18.  I am currently working up a 3 volume Venezuela collection through 2018 that will doubtlessly be the best we have ever offered.  Hopefully I can get is listed some time this week.

I also will be adding a few books to the catalog page of the website.  I have already added the 1998 Mello catalog of Argentina.  I have to cross check a few others to make sure I have a reference copy myself, but I think I will be listing a photocopy of the Latin American portion of the Sanabria airmail catalog and a reprint of the Lamy cancel catalog of Argentina and perhaps a Kneitchel Argentina catalog.  This should also happen this week.

March 3, 2024--This week we purchased a very nice album with advanced Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile material.  So far, I have broken down the Chile BOB and I am currently working on the Argentina OD stamps.  If you have any tough holes to fill in that area, please send us your want list--the better and scarcer items rarely last long.

No new issues came in this week, although I did finally get around to ordering Peru's 2023 issues.  That just leaves Chile unordered--I am waiting to receive the final total from my supplier there.  I am looking for new suppliers to send new issues from Ecuador and Venezuela.  If you know of any collectors in those countries who might be interested in earning a little extra money supplying those isses, please let me know. 

Until next week...

February 25, 2024--Sunday nightaround 10:30 local time and I am just getting to Ken's Korner.  I spent most of the weekend organizing and putting into stock probably over 1000 FDCs and many more of the post office announcements that come out with each issue.  Most of the FDC boxes are now filled to the brim and I need to figure out where to put them next.  When I really have some time, I need to completely reorganize them as any particular FDC could be in one of 4 or 5 places...I can usually still find everything, but it can be time consuming sometimes to locate a particular envelope.  I decided to do this project as I was finally able to get around to pricing up all of the new issues that got listed in the 2024 Scott catalogs.  So, those FDCs are finally available.

I put up into stock this week a very nice Haiti collection--very strong in the early issues and with pages through 1995.  It is a like new Scott Specialty album and everything is in pristine shape.  If interested, check out collection HA-B-74-10.  You can follow this LINK.

Not much other news since my Tuesday update, so I will end here.  Have a great week.

February 20, 2024--Well, it has almost been two weeks since my last update.  I have been back from vacation for over a week, playing catch-up on orders and with a houseful of guests.  Ana Maria's family came up from Colombia for our Caribbean Cruise and have stayed on for a short visit.  It has been great to have them here.  So, with their arrival, I received the latest new issues from Colombia.  I have also received new issues from Dominican Republic (a few missing 2022 issues plus the remaining issues from 2023).  I also received the last of the Mexican issues of 2023 and a number of new, scarce handstamps from Bolivia as well as the last issue of 2023 (Christmas--a pair of stamps).  More good news--Panama new issues are on their way.  Once I know what I receive, I will order the issues that came out since this long delayed order was placed.  I hope to order Chile and Peru 2023 issues in the next week or so.

That's all for the moment.  I will try to get back on schedule, doing a Ken's Korner update each Sunday.

February 5, 2024--We are closed this week as we will be away on vacation.  We are back Saturday, February 10.  Have a great week.

January 27, 2024--Sorry about no updates for a while.  Whatever I've had over the past two weeks has just sapped all my energy, so I haven't made updates.  I am feeling better, still coughing, but now with near-normal energy levels. 

I just received and put up new issues from Uruguay and Honduras.  My Uruguay supplier also sent some recent postal stationery, which I added the the Uruguay cover section.  I added numerous collections to the El Salvador (SA-74-21; SA-74-22 and SA-23); a collection of NH SS from Uruguay (UR-74-10) and also a very nice Chile collection (CH-B-74-08).  On other new issues, Dominican Republic is on the way as is some of the final Argentina issues of 2023.  Soon I will be ordering Bolivia (Christmas 2023), Chile (last 6 months) and Peru (whole year 2023).  Guatemala and Panama are still tied up with airmail delivery issues to the US and no word on Venezuela.  I will keep you updated as Iearn more.

I am continuing to work through the Guy Shaw stock.  Much of it is now accessible, so I soon hope to add specialized price lists for the Exporta, Conservation and Folkart series.  I have added a new selection of Mexico sheets...here is a link.  It is a work in progress and I will be expanding this list as time allows.

Finally, I just got in a huge box of Venezuela from the first issues through 1970s.  Many of the problematic early issues are identified as real vs. fake.  There is heavy duplication but also suprising variety and value.  Onwer's cat was over $52,000.  A great deal at 2% SCV--just $1000.

Janary 14, 2024--It has been a week.  My stepson had a very bad cough, which he passed along to me.  I don't feel particularly bad, but the cough sounds awful and my eyes look really bloodshot.  However, I have noticed that I tire easier and so, I haven't been filling orders for most of the week.  I have tomorrow off from the university and hope to catch up some.  We also have a hard freeze coming.  Houston homes aren't built for cold weather, but they should be.  So, wrapping external pipes is an essential.  We are luckier than most...our home was built in 2020 and has decent insulation and only 1 pipe running up an exterior wall.  It appears to be well enough insulated that it shouldn't be a problem.

In terms of stamps, new issues have arrived from Paraguay and Brazil.  The Brazil is up on the website (including some presonalized stamps on that webpage) and I will be adding the Paraguay soon.  I also have received quite a bit of material from Paraguay that was previously out of stock, so I need to add those sets to the price lists.  It should all get listed sometime this week.  Most of the other new issues have been ordered (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru, and Uruguay).  Argentina should arrive any day and so should Honduras.  I finally  have a lead for a supplier in Ecuador, so hopefully I will be able to get the issues of the past few years shortly.  Guatemala and Panama are currently problematic as there is no airmail service to the US currently (I don't know why...).  El Salvador and Cuba issued nothing in 2023.  Venezuela is still a problem, but hopefully with recent improvements in relations with the US, I will soon be able to secure the few items issued over the past few years. 

If you like private posts, please check out collection AR-SP-08.  This is a large collection of Andreani and OCA stamps (private companies that operated in the early 2000s).  That's all for this week.  Hope you are able to stay warm and dry this week.

January 1, 2024--Happy New Year!  We had a quiet celebration yesterday.  At noon, I went down to the local Buffalo Bills bar to watch the game against the Patriots.  The Bills' offense didn't play well, but despite that, they still won.  So, on to the final regular season game against the Dolphins.  After the game, we went out for dinner early (around 4) and then hung around at home watching movies and waiting for midnight.  Not exciting but still enjoyable. 

Stampwise, I really didn't think I would have much time to put up collections and other material but I was very wrong this last week.  I added nearly 2 dozen collections to the price lists.  The most interesting were some ABNCo archive Specimen collections--all pristine  and beautiful examples of great engraving.  The are Brazil (BR-B-09); Colombia (CO-B-18); Costa Rica (CR-B-13); Haiti (HA-B-09); Nicaragua (NI-B-13);.Panama (PN-B-15) and Venezuela (VE-B-11).  I also put up collections of Panama (PN-20), Chile (CH-74-17); El Salvador SA-74-20), Colombia (CO-74-30 and CO-B-74-19), Colombian States (CO-ST-74-09), and Nicaragua (NI-B-74-12).  I received some new issues from Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico, which have been added to those respective lists.  I also added a fantastic cover to the Panama listings--a late fee cover with 187 and I4.  A rarity and a real showpiece.  Check it out if you like Panama BOB.

Here's hoping your 2024 is healthy, happy and peaceful.