Collections Terms and Conditions


LA-00--REVENUES, a nice group of about 125 with minimum duplication.  There are some Argentina, a nice run of Nicaragua telegraph stamps, some Paraguay (5 different items seldom seen) and a nice group of Peru, including better.  Well worth our asking price of $125

LA-01--Small group of NH mini sheets and SS on stock card, cat in excess of $27, net $12

LA-02--Small group of all M, NH complete sets, Cat over $100, net $40

LA-03--Large envelope filled with album pages, loads of stamps, net $30

LA-04--Latin American pages from Minkus Worldwide album, mostly early stamps good catalog value, net $65

LA-05--Small group of all M, NH complete sets, mostly El Salvador and Venezuela Cat over $62, net $26.

LA-06--Small group of all M, NH complete sets, Argentina through Costa Rica, Cat over $95, net $30

LA-07--Latin America used lot, cat over $100, net $35

LA-08--Small group of NH Mini sheets and SS on stock card, Cat in Excess of $40, net $15

LA-09--South America, mostly Chile and Argentina, , $25

LA-10--A whole lot of stamps on album pages, net $35.

LA-11--Many hundreds of mostly used on album page remnants, most is 1940-1960s but with some earlier.  Most is common, but I noted Bolivia 40-6 M; Costa Rica C39-45 U; C55-6 M; Haiti RA5-8 M; Honduras C101-8, C109-10 M; and Venezuela 1a U; C143//162 (18 including the high values) U plus some non-latin America including a page of 1920s era China not checked.  Net is $40.

LA-12--41 mostly unused cut squares on a stock page,  most are El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras (one is from Argentina), nice group, only $20.

LA-13--202 CUT SQUARES--All different on vario pages,including better items, from 18 different Countries plus Canal Zone, lacking only Haiti, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, a great start to collecting postal stationery, $125.

LA-13A--72 cut squares, all different and all unused from several countries.  Includes set of 4 standing liberty from El Salvador on green paper recently offered online for $35.  Whole lot for just $40.

LA-14--Mostly NH, premium modern material with lots of topicals, especially Antarctica and Animals.  Strong in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela.  Includes Brazil 1222,1247, 1351, 2674, 2675; Argentina 583, 1279-80, 2017 and Venezuela 1541, 1576, 1591. The cat of the SS and large multiples alone is over $460 which doesn't include 13 stockpages loaded with better items including Brazil C26-7 (CAt $65).  Well our asking price of $300.     

LA-15--Small notebook loaded with mostly 19th century stamps from Brazil ($2380), Peru ($1000) and Paraguay ($135) plus some Uruguay (not counted) and 17 USA revenues (mostly tobacco--not counted).  Contains many better stamps, with CV of up to $100 noted, plus many in the $5-20 range with occasional $50 items.  All neatly identified by Scott #.  A great economical way to build collections of these countries.  Total Cat is $3513.30 plus the not counted, net is less than 20% SCV --only $695.

LA-B-SP---2 Volume Scott International Postage Stamp Album with pages through 1984, Latin America only, many thousands of stamps, mostly mint, and most of those NH.  A fantastic opportunity to purchase an extensive Latin American collection to build on for a fraction of retail.  Our price $1500

LA-B-01--19th century stamps on mishmash of pages, Cat in excess of $2000, well worth our asking price of Net $400

LA-B-02--Scott Specialty album through 1958, mint and used.  Argentina ($534.30), Bolivia ($347), Brazil ($1154), Chile ($473) and Colombia ($638). Entire binder for $950.

LA-B-03--Stockbook with100s of mostly 19th century used South America, many better stamps, high catalog value, Net $100.

LA-B-04--Stockbook with several hundred mostly used Latin America, some better early Buenos Aires 13 used, Brazil 23 and 24 (both M/U) 58 M, Ecuador 7 unused, Cuba C122-6 used.  net $60.

LA-B-05--Binder with mostly used stamps mounted on homemade pages, mostly common stamps with a few better sprinkled throughout.  Binder includes Costa Rica ($44.50), Cuba, ($106); Dominican Republic (22.10), Ecuador (112.90) and Guatemala (198.65) plus some Dominica and Grenada (not counted).  Total cat will be just shy of $500, for only $95

LA-B-06--PristineSuperSafe stockbook loaded with hundreds from virtually every Latin American country, buth with strength in Colombia.  Some of the better Colombia are 508-12, 846 (full sheet of 4 strips), C278a, C491a, C496a, C720 and a nice run of about 70 Colombian States.  Well worth $125.

LA-B-07--Dominican Republic and Ecuador classic stamps, several hundred, to about 1939 in a German Borek album.  Better include Ecuador 5 U, 8-10 U, 22 U.  Total cat is $332.65, net only $95

LA-B-08--Argentina and Uruguay, mostly used collections housed in a Minkus Binder with pages through 1982.  There is nothing rare here but there are hundreds and hundreds of useful items that make a great base for collecting these two Southern Cone countries.  Cat of the Argentina is $524.50 and the Uruguay $496.60, for a net of just $300. 

LA-B-X-01--A box filled with pages and pages of Latin America, Cuba mint sets noted, Uruguay revenues, modern used from many countries.  This box has a little bit of everything. Well worth $150