Collections Terms and Conditions


MX-01--Small group of several dozen registration seals and revenue stamps, $15.

MX-02--14 full sheets of Christmas seals, mostly 1960s-70s, some light stuck together, $20

MX-03--Small collection of hand written commercial documents from the early 20th century, $10

MX-04--Mostly Commems, mostly NH, on APS Circuit book pages, Cat$340+, net $100.

MX-05--Old time lot, M/u on homemage pages, some duplication.  Contains 296 stamps,Cat is well over $185, Net $40.

MX-06--Mexican Revenues 1880s-1940s, wide variety, 430 in all, all appear to be different.  Values to 100 pesos noted.  Only $295.

MX-07--Oddball group of several dozen items in glassines including cut squares, 2 different meter strips, registered, certified, and special delivery labels, and a few revenue stamps.  Well worth $10.

MX-08--100 Mexico--a nice group of m/u and SS, $10

MX-09 M/U collection 1856-1940 on Vintage Reproduction pages, including used 30, O76-80,O155-9,O203,O207, M-JX26-31.  Also includes many better but faulty items that were not counted.  Total cat is $270.25, net of only $80.

MX-10  M/U collection 1856-1960 on Scott specialty pages.  Two sets of pages, one for M, one for U.  Some duplication.  A great collection for expansion.  Includes M-110, 774, 813-8, 860, 865-6, C191a and U 3, 111, C296, O79.  Total cat is $849.10, we are asking only $210.

MX-11--Small group of about 12 documents from 1904-1906, a few with stamps adhered and including two postal cards, only $10

MX-12  PROOFS a group of 59 trial color and progressive proofs (singles, pairs, blocks of 4 or 6) of Scott 512 to 514.  Attractive and seldom seen, $500.

MX-B-71-1--1856-1970--an all mint collection fresh and bright neatly mounted on pages with black Vario mounts.  Better items include 356-7, 515, 517, 734, 764-6, 774-6,C123-5; 813-8,C158-62; 896a,C234a; 856-7, 882, 913-8, 951, 998a,1000a,C342a,C344a; C31-6, C82-4 NH; C85-90, C100-2, C103-7 NH, C126-8, C148-52.  Total cat is $1782.85, net is just $625.

MX-B-04--1934-1980 all mint collection in a hingless Lighthouse album in pristine shape.  Virtually all spaces are filled from this period, and most everything is NH.  Many premium stamps, values up to $340 (stamp centennial NH set) noted.  Owner's cat was $3718.50, our asking price is just $1500.