Collections Terms and Conditions


NI-01--1978-1989--M/U collection on Minkus pages.  Northing rare but 100s of stamps and SS, many in complete sets with lots of attractive topicals.  Cat is $255.20, net is only $65.

NI-02--Many hundreds of mint and used stamps on stock pages, from first issue to 1960s, much useful material.  Very high catalog value, just   $150.

NI-03--M/U 1862-1940 collection on Vintage Reproduction pages, better include M-10, 98C, 401-7,420, C203-14 and U-121-33 (less 126), 137, 149-50, 212-6, 376, 439.  Many hundreds of stamps to give you a great start to a Nicaragua collection Cat is $592.60, Net is $175.

NI-04--1862-1985 loaded m/u collection on Minkus pages, 1403 different, lots complete sets and better values, including some Cabo and Zelaya.  Most of the value is in the older stamps.A fantastic collection on which to build. $250

NI-05 Small collection on Scott Specialty pages through 1961, lots of stamps plus a number of loose sets on approval cards, Cat is $133.55, Net $40.

NI-06--Small collection of mint and used on Scott specialty pages 1862-1940, best items we noted  wer originals of O126 m, O127 m and O128 u.  Nice starter lot on which to build.  Total SCV is $115.45, for a net of $30.

NI-09--1862-1991 loaded m/u collection on Minkus pages, 1356 different, lots complete sets and better values, including some Cabo and Zelaya.  A great collection on which to start building. $225

NI-11 Postal Stationery Collection 1888-1900--77 almost all different cut squares and 7 entires on beautifully homemade, trilingual pages (German, French, English).  Includes several better, both M & U.  Net $75

NI-12--Cabo & Zelaya--Small group of 29 bogus issues and inexpensive genuine issues ($17.45 SCV).  All mounted on beautifully homemade album pages, a great start on which to build   $50

NI-15--Group of 25 all different revenues, all from the ABNCo. archives, values from 1 centavo to 100 cordobas, a nice variety of types including fiscal, consular, special consular and capital stamps.  Each punched and overprinted with SPECIMEN in red or black.  $125

NI-18--All NH collection 1947-1958, virtually all cpl sets. Includes scouting, ships, architecture and much more. Cat is $79.65, net is just $24.

NI-B-01   Large binder with Scott pages 1973, Minkus through 1978,  sparse early but with many NH sets and SS from the 1960s and 1970s plus a nice run of official stamps, Cat is $555.95, Net $165.

NI-B-02  Six massive European stockbooks filled with thousands of stamps.  Good strength in the very earlies (1-about 100) with both originals and reprints, some better cancels.  Also nice strength in the 1960s and 1970s and BOB.  The stockbooks go up through the 1990s.  There will be duplication (mostly 1-3 each occasionally up to 10).  Catalog value will be massive, a super buy at only $200.  (Shipping will be quite a bit due to the weight)  

NI-B-03--1862-2000--6 volume Palo Hingeless album filled with many hundreds of M/U stamps.  The albums are like new with only pencil annotations of the prices of some of thes tamps.Better items include: M 1, 2, 3-6, 461-7, 420-5, 717-29, 1861, 1917, 1981, 1984, 2020-7, C362a, C409a, C838a, C883 SS (2), and C890 SS; U 433, 439.  Total cat is $1812.55 (with some telegraphs not counted), net is less than the cost of the albums alone!!, only $725.

NI-B-04--1862-1961,  M/U collection on Scott pages through 1961 (a few later items in the margins).  Several hundred, very clean stamps, a collection put together with love.  Better include M 575-9,  C254-6 and used 377.  Cat is $810, net is just $240

NI-B-05--1862-1975 all mint collection on Scott specialty pages through 1974.  Nice solid collection, very clean of many hundreds.  Some of the better include 109K, 126, 433, 730-4 SS; 717-29,V254-6,V296-308, RA60a.  Total cat is $941.40, our asking price is just $285.