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US-BX-01--Around 40 lbs of off paper US stamps, mostly definitives but with thousands of commems as well.  I estimate about 5000 to 6000 per pound, so somewhere between 150,000 and 180,000 in the box.  Range and varieties are tremendous, from 2c reds to about 20c,  should be plenty of finds including PNCs, varieties, etc...How can you go wrong at 1/10c per stamp?  $180 net.

US-BX--02--Like US-BX-01 but larger, 40 lbs, net $240.

US-B-01--Scott 200ish to 804--30 years ago I thought I might stock some US, but never did any more with it.  This stock book contains what I accumulated.  Nothing rare, but values of up to $40 noted, some stuck down, but most is OK,  Duplication is mostly manageable, (usually no more than 5 each although there are 100 NH copies of 654).  I cataloged most (skipping the last 8 pages--698-804) and even among the not counted, there is value (I noted an unused 698 and 701) and came up with $1171.75 (but it is much more), our net asking price is just $125.

US-CV-02--4 White Ace cover holders loaded with over 100 mostly FDCs each, 1960s to early 1980s,  $95

BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS-01--8//63--A nice, fresh all M, LH collection, including 8-17, 19-23, 28-32 and 33-38, 43-55, and 60-3.  A few duplicates, total cat is$425.55.  Net is only $150  SCAN

BELGIAN CONGO, CONGO, ZAIRE--m/u collection on Minkus pages 1886-1985, hundreds of colorful stamps, great topicals, many are postally used.  Some of the better items include mint 4, 135, 157, 480-3, used 242, 1153 and mixed 263-84, 429-42.  Total cat is $515.80, net is only $100. 

CHRISTMAS ISLAND--Virtually all mint collection on Minkus International pages 1958-1999 (stamps to 2000).  Includes 1-10, 196-211, 213, 254-69, 326-41, 343-6, 348.  Total cat is $429.80, net is just $150.

EGYPT-71-01--Many hundres of mint and used on Minkus Interantional pages to 1999.  Includes * 8, 155-8,C1, c132-4, M3, ME3, N70-1and used 11, 14, C89, J2, O79 and N23.  Total cat is 1316.70, net is only $395.

ERITREA-71-01--Impressive group of mint and used on Minkus International pages, includes M 50, 69, 88-90, 200-39--all of these are NH, C1-6, J1-J3,  and used 5, 28, 37, 41, 42, 44, 65, 108, 167, B3, E3, J20.  Some lightly stuck down, total cat is $677.80, net is just $200.

ESTONIA-71-01 Nice group of mint and used on Minkus International pages, mostly pre WWII but with pages through 1999.  Values noted to $8.  Total cat is $195.55, net is just $60

DOMINICA-01--m/u on stock pages, many better 1877-1969, including m--5, 17 (x2), 19a, 21 and many more.  Light duplication, Cat is $340.95, net is just $70.

GUADALOUPE-01   Guadaloupe--LH virtually complete collection for 1941-9, includes 159-63, 164-205, B9-11B,C1-12,CB1-3,J38-47, also includes a page of Guatemala not counted. Cat is $166.35, net is $50.

HUNGARY-01--1913-1919--Semipostals, nice group, includes 3 from 1919 I couldn't find in Scott,  Cat is 30.40++, net $7.50.

ITALY-01--Mostly used collection on Scott International pages, 1863-1959, great variety of stamps, first apges has a few tone spots that do NOT affect the stamps.  Cat is $351.30, net is only $75.

IVORY COAST-01-Mint & Used on stock pages 1906-1969, light to moderate duplication, lots of variety and attractive stamps, values to $7 noted.  Cat is $292.80, net is just $50.

IVORY COAST-02--many hundreds on stockpages, 1892-1960 with moderate duplication, also a very useful group of French Equatorial Africa, total cat $911.90, enet $110.

MARTINIQUE-01--fresh M/U accumulation on stock pages, good coverage from 33-233, with most issues present and good BOB .  Also has  #20 used (cat $175) and a #32 unused (small tear, not counted in total).  Cat is $795.75, net is just $160.

NETHERLANDS:  All NH collection of SS and large se-tenant multiples, 2001-2010.  Better include 1180 (x2), 1194 ftnt, 1198 ftnt, 1199 ftnt, 1258, 1339, B740, B742 (x2), B745 ftnt anf B750 (x2).  Total cat is $264.75, net $70.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA--1937-2003 with strength in the 1990s and 2000s, mostly NH cpl sets.  better include 465-9, 575-9,755-69, 735-8, 742-5, 746-7,771-4, 790-3, 810-3, 814-7, 871, 889-92, 1013-8, 1030-7, 1038-43  Mostly 1 or 2 of a kind, never more than three.  Cat is $660.40, net only $195

PENRHYN IS--1976-1993 on stock pages, mostly NH, virtually no duplication.  Better include NH  93-6, 96c,d; 184-9, 255-9, 268-86, 401-4, 405-10, 416-8, 436-40, 422-3, and used O1-15.  Cat is $236.45, net is only $70

UNITED NATIONS=UN-B-01=1980-1989 UN Flag sheets, complete run of 10 years for a little under face value, just $135.

UNITED NATIONS--UN-01 1990s-2000s--NH collection on stock pages of attractive topicals from NY, Vienna and Geneva.  Most are endangered animals, but also space, etc.   First Human Rights Issue (1989) in full sheets of 12, NY and post office fresh (NY 570-1, Vienna 95-6, Geneva 180-1) . Cat is over $345, net is just $100

VIRGIN ISLANDS-01--Small m/u collection 1883-1970s of a few dozen but some real premium items including M 1, 3, 13, MR2.  Total Cat $167.30, net is only $50.