Collections Terms and Conditions


PN-02--Small lot of useful material on Scott pages, about 100 useful stamps with SCVs of up to $8.50 noted.  Cat $93.75, Net $25

PN-03--1924-1940 Mint and used collection on Scott Specialty pages, including * 244-55,C27-32,C33-9,C43-7, C49-53,C54-61 and J1-4 (this last set toned).  Includes unlisted Colombus ships set. Cat over $365, net $110

PN-04 1941-1980s on Minkus pages, 294 different, almost all used, very complete through the 1960s, a great start for this area, includes * 448-8C,C292-4; used 358-63, C140-5.  Net is just $40.

PN-05--1913-1953,  All mint collection neatly mounted on Scott Specialty pages, includes 220-7, 317-21,C49-53, 389-94, C32, C47a, amd C140-5 Cat $269.65, Net $60

PN-06-- Scott pages 1878 through 1939, includes mint 244-55, C43-7 and C47a, .  Attractive and clean, mostly mint.  Cat is $166.40, Net only $50.

PN-07--Small collection on Scott pages through 1971, hundreds of stamps, a great starter lot and includes 358-63, Cat is $167, Net $50.

PN-08--Small collection on homemade pages, many hundreds of stamps, including M C43-7,C157-77, Cat is $194.75, A great collection on which to build. our net only $60.

PN-09--Colombia used in Panama, 10 stamps    plus a small collection of Panama when it was part of Colombia  Net $25

PN-10--Useful M/U collection 1887-1984 on Minkus pages.  On a quick run through, we noted M 181a, 213, 215,227, 230, 330, 454-4E, 490-90A and used 21, C18A and C72.  There are several hundreds of useful items on which to build a nice Panama collection. Total Cat is $381, net is $110.

PN-11 Oldtime collection 1887-1940 on album pages, nothing rare, but there is useful material.  Best item is C18A used.  Cat is $77, net is just $15.

PN-13--1900-1940 small collection on Scott Pages, includes M 192, 317-21, C49-53; C43-7.  Cat is 93.75, net only $25.

PN-14--1878-1969 Several 100s on Minkus Specialty pages, better items sprinkled throughout.  Includes M--462-c,C337-8; 478-E; 485-E and U-C365.  Cat is $247.60, net is only $75/

PN-16--Revenues and Telegraphs--24 stamps (16 telegraphs and 8 revenues), rarely seen, almost all different.  Includes Telegraph Yvert 24 with a double surcharge, well worth $100.  PHOTO1  PHOTO2  PHOTO3  PHOTO4

PN-17--Album remnants 1870s-1970s, light duplication, much useful material.  An inexpensive way to build a Panama collection.  Includes M 70, 71b, 75,214 (3), 234-43, C227-9.  Cat is $336.20, net is only $60

PN-18--Small, mostly mint BOB collection, includes unused C6, C32, C43-7, C49-53, C54-61, E1-2.  Cat os $163.35, net is just $45.

PN-19  1878-2008--M/U collection on a mix of pages with wonderful strength in the post 1990s period.  Includes M--215, 813-9, 902-4, C47a, C157-80, C453-4 and U C13.  Cat is $713.40, net is just $200.

PN-20  1878-1971 M/U collection on Scott Specialty pages, very clean and fresh, with lots of useful stamps including M 213, 227, 234-43, 244-55, 316, C31-2, C40-2, C43-7, C80-1, C88-95, C140-5, E1 and used #1.  Also includes some Canal Zone including used 28, 29, 37, 50, 52, J8 and J9.  Total cat is $931.65, net is just $275.

PN-21 An amazing group of 54 triangular Customs Parcel stamps from 1 centavo to 10 Balboas.  Until I purchased this lot, I had never seen these before and logically, they are quite scarce due to Panama's small population and the even smaller number of people who would have incoming parcels from overseas.  The group contains shades, minor varieties, inverted backgrouds, inverted value tablets and more.  Virtually every stamp is different.  Date of issue is uncertain, but I estimate 1930s - 1950s.  I doubt I'll ever have a group like this to offer again, $250

PN-22 Revenues, liquor stamps, 17 different, scarce $125.

PN-23--Small mostly used collection on album pages, cat is $46, plus several glassines not counted, just $10.

PN-24 --1887-1984--A virtually all used collection on mostly Scott album pages (complete from 1878-1984) and with other album pages (manufacturer unknown) for the items not formerly recognized by Scott.  Many hundreds of stamps, very clean and useful group.  Some of the better items are Mint C290D, C364B, the pope set; and Used C365 and F5.  Total cat is $632.40, net is just $185.

PN-B-01 Nice collection on Scott pages with many mint sets to the 1970s, 2011 Cat is $667.35, Net $220

PN-B-02 Mint and used collection in Minkus album with stamps through 1993.  Cat is $524.50, Net is $175.

PN-B-04--1929-1982, mint collection in Scott Specialty, strength is in 1960s with numerous NH sets and SS of colorful commems, Cat nearly $1000, net $300.

PN-B-05--1887-2008, in Scott Specialty album, mostly mint,  better include 244-55, 694-5A, 827, 883, 897-8,C43-7, C47a, C290D, C364-A, C455,RA94a, and Pope Set of 12,  virtually complete from Scott 820-941 (elusive 1990-2008 material).  Scott is $1050.80, for only $315.

PN-B-06--1878-1978 in Scott Specialty album, m/u, highlights inc 228-31*, 244-55*, 287u,389-94*, 452-E*,481-G*, 484F-G*, 485-E*, 485F*,488*, 488A*, 495-I*, 496-I*, C43-7*, C47a*, Cat is over $800 for a net of $240.

PN-B-07--Old Scott album with pages through 1967.  Strength is in the topical sets of the 1960s, with about 2 dozen included--all complete (birds, fish, horses, sports, etc...) Better items include 244-55, 454-4E, 454f (P & I), 456k (P & I), 461E (P & I), 544-83a, C43-7, C47a, C49-53,C290D, C321a, C329i (x2) and much more.  Cat is $1301.55, net only $390.

PN-B-08--1960s-2000s, mostly M, NH, mostly scarce SS from this period.  Includes NH 447h (P/I); 452f (P/I); 453f (P/I); 454f (P/I); 456k (P/I); 457f (P); 458k (I); 464f (P); 466f (P/I); 471f (P/I); 472c (P/I); 476F,G; 485F,G' and used 481H, 487i, 488a.  Total cat is $645.15, net is just $225.