Collections Terms and Conditions


PY-01--Nice starter collection with several 100s, Cat over $80, net $25

PY-02--Small collection on Minkus pages, net $40

PY-03--Paraguay, Peru and Salvador on Scott International Pages, nice beginner collection for $50.

PY-04--1896-1958, Very clean, mostly mint collection on Scott Specialty pages, Includes M 506, C4-6, C29-35, C54-5, C83, C84-7, C96, C99-101, C102-8, C113-21, C124-6, C158-63.  Cat is $705.80, net $210.

PY-05--Large, M, NH collection of 1960s era sets and SS, some Imperf, mostly complete sets, includes 623-9, 799-805 IMPERf, 1050 + footnote and many more.  Total cat $1,178.10, net $325.

PY-06--Mostly Mint collection on homemade pages, 1870s-early 1960s, many complete sets, a great base collection to start from, Cat $632.45, Net $195.

PY-07--M/U collection on Scott Pages, 1870-1962, highlights include * 19, 378-81,C124-6, C158-62 and U C98-101.  Strong Back of Book including J, O, Ls, SCV is $552.80, for a Net of only $165.

PY-08--M/U collection on Vintage Reproduction pages, 1870-1940.  Better include * B1-3, C19-24,C54-5,C124-5, C127-30, J1-11.  Cat is $298.40, net $90.

PY-10--Souvenir Sheets, all NH.  Mostly sports topicals, but also paintings and world leaders.  Includes 1654, 1875, 1902-4, 1956, 1988A, C277a, C312 (both SS), C376 and C767-768.  Total cat is $212.50, net is just $65.

PY-11--1870-1969 M & U collection on Minkus specialty pages, includes M-19, C54-5,C74-8,C98-101, C121 and mixed m/u C39//53.  Total cat is $595, net is just $175.

PY-12--1879-1978 Nice M/U collection on Scott pages, including M 504-6,533, 653-5, 1160-8,C7-12, C19-24,C55, C90-1, C158-62.  Cat is $398.75, net is just $120

PY-13--1879-1940, mostly used collection of several 100 on old Schaubek pages, includes 12-3, 31, C6-12, C18, C107-9, O3, O5, O7.  Cat is $177.20, net is only $50.

PY-14--1879-1997--864 mostly different mint & used on Minkus pages.  The vast majority are common but will fill a lot of holes with the following better noted:  M 1002-3, C55, C271 SS (footnote).  The real value here are the pristine mostly blank Minkus pages from 1962-1977.  Well worth our asking price of less than 9c a stamp.  $75

PY-16--1870-1973-Scott specialty pages with a very nice and clean collection, M & U, includes the following better stamps:  unused 19, 374-7,C127-30; C4-6, C29-35, C168-75, C176-7, J1-12, used C100-1, O1-7, O16-19 and mixed 498-506, C19-24 and L1-36.  Total cat is $737.25, net is just $220.

PY-17--1879-1936  M/U collection on album pages with several hundred useful stamps.  Better include M 19, C7-12, C19-24, C35, C54-5, O8-14, O80, O81.  Cat is $398.40, net is just $120.

PY-18--1878-1962--A very impressive mostly mint collection on Scott pages.Virtually all different with many premium items including mint 171-3, 504-6, 605-9 C301-3 Imperf; C1-6, C29-35, C54-5, C74-8, C88-91, C102-6, C122-3, C124-6, C147-53, C168-75, C291-3, J1-8, O1-7, O77, O80 (x2), O81 (x2); used O8-14, O16-9 and mixed C113-21.  Cat is $999.55, net is just $299.

PY-19--1962-1968--An virtually all mint collection of mostly complete sets and SS from the period.  Numerous highlights include 728-35, 735a,743a, 752-9, 774, 813a P & I, 821a, 835a P & I, 841a, 865a P & I, 887-94, 894a P & I, 918a P & I, 926a P & I, 1003a P & I, 1015a P & I, 1030a Imp, 1078 footnote.  Total cat is $1051.85, yours for less than 25% SCV, net is only $260.

PY-B-01--Mint and Used on Minkus pages through 1968, many hundreds of stamps, Cat $253.84, Net $75.

PY-B-02--Album with pages for regular issues 1979-2001 plus Airs and BOB (including all sets and SS of period.)  Better items include mint 2234-6,C1-6,C7-12,C13-8,C19-24,C29-35,C54-5,C113-21,C310-2, used 2328.  The later pages are mostly empty but a great almost new album to build a modern Paraguay collection.  Scott is $394.45, Net $125.

PY-B-03--Album with pages for regular issues 1870-1979, companion album to PY-B-02.  Better include mint 131-8,171-3,378-81,406-13,464-6,537-44,654,692-8,715-25,858-65 and 1549-56.  The later pages are mostly empty but a great almost new album to build a modern Paraguay collection.  Cat is $338, Net $100.

PY-B-04--Minkus album with pages 1862-1983.  Stamps are mostly older and mixed mint and used with some duplication but most of the duplicates are on the overprinted and surcharged issues of the late 1800s and early 1900s with many Scott unlisted varieties (split bars, etc...).  The stamps are not rare but will go a long way in getting your Paraguay collection off to a goo start.  Includes mint 1632-4, 1656-63 and C74-8.  Total Cat is 630.05, net is $189.

PY-B-05 --Three Volume collection in Scott Specialty binders and slipcases 1870-1996, later pages are Minkus but have been meticulously trimmed and taped onto Scott pages to give collection a uniform and attractive look.  Both mint and used but vast majority is mint, including 19 (2), 504, 506, 614-6 P & I, 623-9, 653-5, 728-35, 735a, 736-43 IMP, 743a, 767-73, 751a, 766a P & I, C313, 774, 782a P & I, 790a, 813a P & I, 805 IMP, 821a, 833a, 841a P & I, B16-9, 900a P & I, 894a,910a, 958a, 993a, 1001a, 1015a P &I, 1050, 1160-8, 1220, 1281,C54-5, C97, C98-101, C102-6, C113-21, 645a, C528, 683 SS (2), 1486-95, C389-91, 1587, 1833-9, 1791-2, 1804-6, C460, C459, C461, 1872-5, 1902, 1903, 1904, C471, C472, C473, 1956, C478, C487, C488-90, C513A, 2053B, 2085A, 2090, 2170, C767, C768 and much more.  Total Cat is $3614.20, net is only $995.

PY-B-06---1870-1967 mint and used collection in a nearly new Lighthouse binder.  Many hundreds of stamps with minor duplication (often 1 mint, 1 used).  Better include M 19 (2), 173 (2), 266-73, 479, C54 and used 31 (4), 504, 505 and 506 (3).  Total cat is $480.25, net is only $120.

PY-B-07--BOB collection housed in Lighthouse binder with Vario pages.  Nearly complete.  It includes J1-12 unused, complete; L1-36 used (missing only L37); O1-7 unused; O8-14 unused; O16-9 unused; O42-8 used; O49 unused; O50-6 used; O57-69 mixed, O85-93 unused, O94-8 unused, plus some singles from the remaining sets.  Total cat is $145.55, net is $50.

PY-B-08--1879-1985--M/U collection housed in a Minkus album.  Better items include M 395-7, C131-3; 1377-83, 1505-11, C162, C168-73, C179-83.   This album is perfect for expansion.  Total cat is $508.10, we are asking just $150.

PY-BX-01--Small group of mostly mint singles and sets on stock cards and in glassine envelopes.  Better items include M 661-73, 767-73, 774, 927-34, 1099-107, C54-5, C12406,C147-53, C168-75,C246-51,C252-9, C288-90.  Cat is $600.25, net is only $180.