Collections Terms and Conditions


PR-01--1873-1898  M & U collection on homemade album pages with light dupliction.  Includes M 111 (x2), 125,127, 128, 129, 131, 158 (x3) and 40 (faulty and not counted in the total CV).  Used 4 (x2), 25, 27, 39, 41.  Total cat is $325.50, we are asking just $115. Some sample scans follow. SCAN1  SCAN2  SCAN3  SCAN4  SCAN5  SCAN6  SCAN7  SCAN8  SCAN9

PR-72-02 1881-1898--Several dozen m/u on an album page and a Vario page.  Light duplication, a few faulty not counted.  Mostly low SCV, but not often seen.  Total cat $45.50, net is only $15.

PR-08--Revenues, 90 different , a lovely collection including R1-3, RE17-32, RE33-41,43-51, total SCV of these 40 stamps is  $357.05 and represents less than half.  The others include local excise taxes, internal revenue (with values up to $20) as well as local issues from Arecibo, Bayamon, Fajardo, Guayama and Mayaguez.  All are beautifully mounted on professional quality home made album pages.  All for just $450.  Most pages are scanned ...SCAN1 SCAN2  SCAN3  SCAN4  SCAN5  SCAN6  SCAN7 SCAN8  SCAN9  SCAN10  SCAN11

PR-09--Almost all unused, OG on homemade pages including  M 91, 131, 132, 152, 154, 164.  Nice clean collection, rarely seen in this condition.  Cat is $271.60, net is $135.

PR-10--39 all different M/U on pages, better include M 158, 214. Cat is $55.10, net is $16.50

PR-B-01--230 virtually all different revenue stamps from the Spanish Era, includes one entire of papel sellado and a wide variety of very unusual items with face values of up to 50 pesos noted, a very scarce group $850

PR-B-03--M/U collection in a stock book, very fresh overall, includes M--124,127,158 (x2), 161 (x2), 211A, MR2 (x) and U 1,5,68,69,212.  Also includes some US revenue wine stamps including M RE66 and U RE61,63,64 and 66.  Total cat is $127.75, net is just $35.

PR-B-04--Nice mint and used collection in a pristine Palo hingeless album, stamps included unused 9, 13, 124, 125 126 (cat $200), 212, 213 and used 1-3, 4, 15 and 40.  Cat is $562.  Net is just $250.