Collections Terms and Conditions


SA-01--Nice starter lot 1891-1978, with many 100s, both mint and used, lots of cpl sets and commems, lots of stamps from the 1960s, including C203-7.  Cat 166, Net $45

SA-02--1907-1962, M/U Collection on Scott Specialty pages,includes M 588, 596-604, C606-11, 612, C192 and strong BOB, net $50

SA-03--186 Revenues, 1910-1932, neatly mounted by ear on homemade album pages, includes a wide variety of years and with values to 100 pesos, some duplication, but an excellent start to build an impressive collection of revenues.  $195

SA-04--1867-1984 Mostly used collection omf many hundreds on Scott specialty pages.  Includes M 117-28 (less 122) all originals; and used 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-7, 46, 56, 170A-H, 323, C69-70, C362, C363, C364, C366.  Total cat is $1307.15, net is just $390.

SA-71-05--Oddball M/U collection with some very interesting pieces.  Most of the collection is official stamps, with specialized groupings of O305-12 (color, font varieties)and O 313-20 (inverted shield, missing shield) and several pages not counted of unlisted official overprints (1905 overprints, fakes, etc..) a fascinating lot.  Nic group of minor varieties on C1-10 as well.  Also includes a few better airs, such as C62-5 (M & U), C78-83 (M & U), C122-4 (M & U), C83a (U) and C104 P & I (M).  Total cat is $284.80 (plus the not counted), net is just $85.

SA-06--Small collection of 18-20, with cancelations.  14 each of 18 and 19 and 5 of 20.  Nice start for a specialized collection.  Net $75.

SA-07--1867-1940 on Vintage Reproduction pages.  A very nice m/u collection on which to build.  Better items include mint 9, 36, C15-8,C20-3, J1-56 and used 6, 11 plus many hundreds of others.  Total cat is $686.40, net is only $200.

SA-09--Revenues 1891-1907--An interesting group of 77 different, rarely seen revenues with values up to 100 pesos.  Virtually all are different, either in value, shade or use.  Nice group for $150.  

SA-10--REVENUES-1897-1913--117 virtually all different mounted on attractive homemade pages, Values up to 100 pesos.  Copies of 1915 Forbin catalogue included by previous owner highlighighting was is owned/lacking,  net $195.

SA-11--CUT SQUARES--83 almost all different, mostly mint.  Profusely illustrated from old German album that has been printed onto Scott Pages for easy insertion into your album.  With the illustrations, it is easy to see what is missing and continue to build this collection.  $75.

SA-12--250++ mostly different on album and stock pages.  Includes M 1,2, and U 7, 13-16.  Net is just $35.

SA-13--Scott 1-4 with fancy cancels, 19 stamps with 6 different cancels (6 on #1, 4 on #2, 6 on #3, 3 on #4).  Include circle of dashes, boxed FRANCO, negative star, star, cross in a circle and circle of crosses.  Previous owner indicated that these might be fake cancels, but with the used price so much less than unused, this seems unlikely.  Nice lot for the specialist.  Cat $119.50; net is just $60

SA-14--J9-24, specialty lot of imperfs and center gutter pairs.   Includes imperf singles and pairs of J 17-24, blocks of J19,20,23,24 an imperf gutter block with two each of J17-18, and perf center gutter blocks of reprints of J9-16 (4 blocks each with 4 different denominations in the corners.  A great start to an exhibit of this interesting  issue $100.

SA-15--M/U collection on Scott specialty pages, 1867-1957, many 100s of mostly M stamps with much useful material and light duplication. Very clean, a few better cancels all on Scott Specialty pages. Cat is $379.30, our price is just $95

SA-16  M/U collection on a mix of pages 1867-2016.  The best material is in the 1990s-2016 period, all of these are NH.  Includes1256-62, 1408-19, 1426, 1450-1, 1446, 1476, 1481-2, 1499, 1529, 1533-4, 1558, 1567, 1581, 1587-8, 1596-7, 1658, C10, C78-83 and used 5,7,9,10,11.  Total Cat is $1409.35, net is only $450.

SA-17 M/U collection on Scott Specialty pages 1867-1974.  Many hundreds of stamps, with lots in the $1 to $20 range.  Highlights include M 26,36,157B-N,C20-3, C70,C122-4 and used 5,6,7,454.  Cat is $1081.95.  Our net is oly $325.

SA-18--1867-1977, very attractive collection of several 100s on Scott pages, M/U.  Better items include M 4,5, 38-46, C15-8, C20-3, c24-7, C62-5, C69-70, C78-83, C122-4 and U 17, 99.  Total cat is $585.15, net is just $175.

SA-19  1984-1999--A sparse but useful collection of several dozens of used singles and a few mint multiples, sheetlets and SS on Minkus pages.  A great way to get many years of album pages for free along with a small collection.  Cat is $54.15, net is just $15.

SA-B-01--Binder w/homemade pages, mostly mint, useful material, Cat $158.76, Net $50.

SA-B-02--1867-1948 M/U collection in a beautiful Palo Hingeless album.  Includes M 19, 26, 29, 91-103,251, 588, C1, C20-3, C62-5, C70, C122-4, O86; used 4-6, 13-7, 56, 323, O40, O98-101, O362, O363, O364, O366and mixed 1-3, 9-12, 38-46.  There are a number of originals during the Seebeck period.  Total cat is $1370.40, net is just $410

SA-B-03--Scott specialty binder with pages through 1978, highlight include M 9-12, 26, 36, 157I, 165, 293, C15-8,C20-3, C62-5, C122-4, O18, O19, O30, )98, O99, O100, C133, O135 and used O363. Total SCV is $996.60, net is just $295.

SA-B-04--Scott specialty binder with pages through 1971.  Better items include M--1-4, 5, 35-6, 586 C69-70, 588, C15-8, C41-5, C73-7, C83a, C122-4, C200-7, C275-90 and U- O362, O363.  Unlisted varieties and small town cancels have been mounted on blank pages. A great collection on which to build. Cat is $941.40, net is only $280.

SA-B-05 1867-1991 beautiful m/ucollection in a well laid out home made binder, includes a good number of original Seekbecks (all identified).  Also includes * 26, 29, 36, 38-46, 169, 170I, 588, 606-11,C111-6; used 5,7, 12, 13-17 and mixed 1-4, 91-103.  Total cat is $612.15, net is just $180.

SA-B-06--Sister collection to SA-B-05--1991-1999 beautiful NH collection in a well laid out home made binder.  Mostly all different with a few blocks of 4.  Better include 131-5-20, 1409-19, 1426, 1448, 1460, 1476 and 1499.  Total cat is $659.60, net is only $260.

SA-B-07--1999-2002, Airs, BOB--Sister collection to SA-B-05 and SA-B-06, beautiful M/U (NH-1999-2002) collection in a well laid out home made binder.  All different.  Includes * 1529, 1534-5, 1536-7, 1538, 1541, 1545, C15-8,C20-3, C62-5, C70, C122-4, O75-6; GENUINE unused (not Seebeck Reprints: O19, O23, O30, O82, O86, O87 and some others, all identified; and used O362, O364.  Total cat is $766.30, net is just $230.