St. Frances Cabrini, Houston, Texas


For Saint Frances Cabrini, 4 works were commissioned.  Two were original pieces, one was a variation on St. Frances Cabrini's official portrait and the last was a copy of the Our Lady of Guadalupe painting.

  Oil on canvas, 120cm X 80cm.

This original painting shows St. Frances' work with immigrants.  For this work, Mr. Cuba took an 18th Century painting of St Frances welcoming immigrants to New York City (left of the Statue of Liberty), and then created the entire right side, which shows her reaching out to the contemporary immigrants arriving in Houston.  The Houston skyline and freeways dominate the background of this side of the painting.  Oil on wood--87 inches x 43.5 inches.

Saint Frances in Glory.  This second original painting is loosely based on images from the Cabrini Basilica in Italy.  Mr. Cuba has included many Peruvian style angels and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The quote in the lower right hand corner is from Philippians, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."  Oil on wood, 87 inches X 43.5 inches.

This portrait of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a handpainted reproduction of the painting in the Basilica in Mexico City.  Oil on canvas 54 inches by 36 inches.  The frame is hand carved wood, covered in gold leaf.