For Saint Helen Catholic Church, we produced four pieces of art--three paintings and one statue.  An explanation of each follows below.

Infant of Prague

42" tall, wood with 24K gold plated .925 silver, hand-carved and crafted in Bolivia.  This piece was created by combining parts of three other images.  Father selected the crown of one statue, the orb of another and the body of a third.  The image uses over 5 pounds of silver.  All of the clothing is decorated in silver, which was then gold plated.  The crown and orb are also gold and silver. (In the chapel area)

  Rembrandt's The Prodigal Son

Master Peruvian artist, Jesús Cuba, painted a replica of Rembrandt's classic, The Prodigal Son in the form of a triptych on wood.  At its height the painting is 48 inches tall.  The width of the center section is 36 inches.  In order to accommodate the triptych format, figures had to be moved and columns extended. The doors, when closed show intricate designs hand carved in the wood. (in the Reconciliation area)


This second triptych (also in the Reconciliation area) shows a quote from Colossians.  The doors of this painting show two of the archangels, Gabriel on the left and Michael on the right.  Father chose the font, the color and the border around the words.  Same dimensions as the other painting

The Guardian Angel

Father requested an exact replica of this painting from a 16th century church in upper Peru.  Approximately 36 x 24 inches, oil on wood.  (located just outside the chapel).


2005 Mural in the Day Chapel--St Helen

 Finds the True Cross

St Helen of Pearland again commissioned Jesús Cuba to paint a mural directly on the wall of the Day Chapel.  Mr. Cuba labored for weeks on this work, which is approximately 21 feet long by 17 feet high at its peak. The painting depicts the travel of St. Helen to Jerusalem in the year 326 AD, after having a dream in which the location of the cross on which Jesus was crucified was revealed to her.  The dream indicated that Helen should go to Jerusalem and on the hill where Jesus was crucified, search for a small growth of basil.  Three crosses were found on the site.  One of the crosses was touched by a blind man to whom sight was immediately restored, and this was proclaimed to be the True Cross of the Crucifixion.  Click on the mural below to see close ups.