Collections Terms and Conditions


UR-01--Nice little beginner collection, $25

UR-02--1860-1966, mint and used collection on Scott Specialty pages,  Includes * 388-90, 391-3, 410-3(sheetlets), C52, C56, C61-2, used 13, 13b, 16 (3), and 38-43A.  Many hundreds of other useful stamps, total SCV is $870.65, net is only $260. 

UR-05--REVENUES--1878-1892--Small group of 19 all different neatly mounted on homemade album pages with spaces left for those missing.  Includes two unusual consular revenues, one from the Uruguayan consulate in France.  A great collectiont bulid on $20.

UR-06--REVENUES--A nice group of 188 seldom seen early 20th century items.  There is some duplication in modest quantities which will serve as great trading material.  A great way to enhance any collection of Uruguay $175.

UR-07--M/U collection of several 100s on Scott pages, 1866-1977, better include M 388-90, C52, C83-4, C106-12, C113, and used 30, 38, 95-7, C104, Q68.  Total cat is $375.40, net is just $110.

UR-08--REVENUES--21 revenues on a card, all different, different from the lots above, Includes later revenues probably from the 1970s, with values up to $1050 and some Mercury (runner) commercial revenues from 2c to 12 pesos.  Second page has block of 10 and strip of 5 of $500 1970s era revenue. Interesting lot.  Just $25.

UR-B-01--1858-1990 (pages 1856 to 1990) A mostly mint collection on homemade pages with room for every Uruguay variety imaginable, housed in a Scott Specialty binder.  A few areas have parallel mint/used pages (classics, special delivery, officials).  There are many holes, but all the pages have been left to build on.  A great collection for someone wanting to build a specialized Uruguay collection.  A few of the many highlights include mint 27, 282-4, 330-2, 388-90, 391a-3a, 410a-3a, 750-6, 771A ftnt, 882, 948-93, 1007 (P & I), 1094a (P & I), 1115 (P & I), 1143a,7a (P & I), 1321-9, B9, C4-6, C7, C10-3, C52, C61-2, C106-12, C136, C182-92, C211-22, C226-32, C290-6, C323-30, C361-8, C398, C418a (P & I), C428, C432 and used 7, 7a, 8a, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 13a, 13b, 13c, 14, 15, 15a, 16 (x 2), 18, 18a, 22, 23, 31, 31a, 361, 388-90, 882, C9, O84-91.  Cat is $2776.90, net is just $835.  A few scans...SCAN1  SCAN2  SCAN3  SCAN4

UR-B-02 1995-2005, NH collection on homemade pages, sister collection to UR-B-01. Several hundred rarely seen modern Uruguay, lots of great topicals, all for a fraction of regular retail.  Total Scott is $1331.30, net is $650.

UR-B-03--Stock book with several dozen all different M NH se-tenant issues and SS from the 1970s-2006.  Many items noted in the $2-$12 range including B12.  Many attractive topicals.  Cat is $144, net is just $50

UR-B-04--1856-1900--Attractive homemade 3 hope punched pages with room for every issue and variety (color varieties, ovpt varieties).  Has a good run of mostly used material during this period.  Better items include used--12, 13, 16, 32, 33 and 43A and quite a number of other items in th $2 to $10 range.  A great start to a classinc Uruguay collection.  Cat is $359.60, net is only $110

UR-B-06--Stockbook filled with many 100s of stamps 1866-1994, mostly regular issues and virtually all different.  Most are mint and values of $1-10 abound, with values up to $25 noted. Highlights are too many to mention here but a few are M 282-4, 388-90 and used 38 with red registered cancel, and 43A.  Cat is $1274.15, we are asking only $375.

UR-B-07--Three three ring binders with attractive European album pages, 1856-2004.  Almost all used collection, with many hundreds.  There are nice classics iwth values to $25 but the best part is modern used commemoratives from the 1980s-1990s and used high value souvenir sheets.  Collection includes *389, C52 and used 381, 390, 1557-61A, C49, C398, C418a, C422-3, C424-5, C426-7.  Cat is $1912.45, our asking price is just $500.

UR-B-08--1991-2015--99%+ M, NH collection on homemade pages, housed in a Scott Specialty binder.  Virtually complete for the period.  Only 4 used items noted (3 SS and 1 block of 4).  Virtually complete for the period,  price is about face value.  The total cat is $3773.50, net is $1875.