Above are two of the preliminary sketches for the left panel.  The left panel tells the story of St. Frances Cabrini in Italy.  The scenes include her as a little girl throwing violets into a river.  To Saint Frances, the violets represented missionaries traveling to China. The other image shows her receiving her charge from Pope Pius X to go to America for her missionary work.  A dove is also shown, the dove that was present at her birth, a sign from God that Frances was going to be a very special child.

The right panel shows Mother Cabrini's works in America.  Many of the landmarks she founded around the United States are shown as well as the Statue of Liberty to symbolize both her important work in New York City and with immigrants.  Mother Cabrini is also depicted teaching and working with the infirm.  Finally, in the foreground, she is shown crossing South America's Andes Mountains on a burro.

Finally, the center panel is symbolically Mother Cabrini at work in Yucaipa, California.  The sketch shows the mountains and apple orchards that dot the area and show the Los Angeles skyline off to the left.  In the foreground, Mother Cabrini interacts with the those needing her assistance in the parish--the infirm, the young, the immigrants, among others.