Peru War of the Pacific--Specialized Items


Chile used in Peru--Nice group of 10 different cancels, including Callo, Pisagua, Lima, Iquique, Chimbero, Paiti, Antofagasta, Moquegua, Tacna and Santa Cruz, rarely seen, PHOTO  $250

Chile 34 with LIMA cds.  Scarce stamp with a scarce cancel  $40  PHOTO

N6 (Old Scott #) Chile used in Peru LIMA ccl  $30  PHOTO

N6 (Old Scott #) Chile used in Peru PRINC ccl $30  PHOTO

N8 (Old Scott #) Chile used in Peru TACNA ccl $30  PHOTO

N9 (Old Scott #) Chile used in Peru PRINC ccl $30  PHOTO

ANCACHS (1N) Michel 10-14, 3 pairs of Diamond FRANCA and 2 singles cpl set of 5 (example shown) $23.50  PHOTO

3N1a with paper fold, very unusual  PHOTO  $50 

3N2 Block of ten with horiz crease affecting margin and edge of stamp 6.  This block shows the poor printing of this sheet with overinking in position 1, missing 2 variety in position 5, "white O" in DEPARMENTOS (sic) in positions 1 and 4 and both the 2 1/2 and 3 mm print setting of the Provisional 1881-1882 overprint.  A nice show piece.  PHOTO   $75

3N7 with AYAVIRI straight line cancel RARE. Lamy X60  PHOTO   $100.

3N13v Double overprint of the Arequipa double ring -- black over violet.  It is supposed that the violet was not sufficiently visible. used  PHOTO  $15each

Arequipa Michel IV-V, $18.00  PHOTO

Arequipa Michel III with Arequipa Double Ring, very scarce  $100  PHOTO

Arequipa Michel #V, 1 peso revenue used for postage.  Used multiples of the one peso stamp used for postage are rare and this strip of 4 is unique--the largest multiple known.  The strip is tied to a mourning piece with 3N7 and all are tied by an unrecorded AYACUCHO 1883 fancy cancel in blue and a fancy cork cancel.  The total franking of 4.10 soles indicates the piece was taken from a very heavy packet.  A real show piece. PHOTO  $300

8N7v--overprint spread over 2 stamps $100  PHOTO

8N13v CUZCO oval overprint on 3N2  $40  PHOTO

8N15--Overprint spread over 2 stamps, $300  PHOTO

10N2--pink shade on stamp under ovpt.  $70  PHOTO

10N3v--double overprint  $100  PHOTO

10N3 with overprint in Magenta  $75  PHOTO

13Nv--PISCO oval ovpt with ornaments on N20 with multiple shields  $50  PHOTO

14N15 Inverted overprint  $150 PHOTO

14N unlisted Piura Oval handstamp on 65 used  Lamy X30  PHOTO  $25 each

14N unlisted Piura Oval handstamp on 28 used Lamy x30  PHOTO  $100

14N unlisted Piura oval on J8, Lamy x30  PHOTO  $200

16Nv YCA oval overprint on 1c green Chilean Occupation (N19) $25  PHOTO

Nice group of 13 better cancels including Ambo; Ancon (Lamy Type 7 x70); Aplao; Cajamarca (lamy x4); Caraz (lamy type 4 x50); Cayna?, Contamusa; Cutervo?; Chota (Lamy x12); Guadalupe; Jauja (Lamy type 4 x10); and Trama (Lamy type 24 x4--two examples on different stamps.  PHOTO  $125