SPECIAL OFFER--April/May 2024

 Here is the special offer for this month...


ARGENTINA:  Take 10% off Argentinean stamps, covers, collections and FDCs (excluding those in red type).  Follow the links below:


    Argentina Stamps   Argentina Covers    Argentina Collections    Argentina FDCs


I did just get in some great collections that you might find interesting, which are also 10% this month.  I eyeballed these rather than running catalog values, but they are in Minkus albums with pages to about 1966 and all are in great shape (like new) so to get them with stamps is an added bonus.  Here's what I have available:

Mexico (Owner's 1981 cat is $293.94) $95

Guatemala/Honduras/El Salvador (Owner's 1981 cat is $661.80) $125

Costa Rica/Nicaragua (Owner's 1981 cat is 463.84) $75

Colombia/Panama/Canal Zone (Owner's 1981 cat is $2206.44) $225

Dominican Republic/Cuba/Haiti/Puerto Rico (Owner's 1981 cat is 450.96)  $75

Ecuador/Venezuela (Owner's 1981 cat is $1119.84) $95

Bolivia/Paraguay (Owner's 1981 cat is $343.25) $60

Chile/Peru (Owner's 1981 cat is $331.23) $95

Argentina/Uruguay (Owner's 1981 cat is $337.69) $95


STOCK BOOK loaded with many 100s from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile--just as received, nothing checked for watermarks or perfs $60

Lots of stamps in the albums, some duplication, virtually all are inexpensive, but they will fill a large number of spaces.  And, if you're looking for albums, these are all like new.