Hi, Welcome to Ken's Korner.  I created this page to tell you a little bit about me and what is new with Nieser Stamps. 

December 18, 2014:  Happy Holidays to everyone.  The past few months have beene extremely busy.  I finished breaking down the Pre-1940 collection I mentioned in my last installment (all but Mexico) and have added this material to the pricelists.  I have also added several hundred new covers and postal stationery to the website.  I have many thousands more to add, but this task is very time consuming as each has to be individual scanned, described, linked and uploaded.  I usually do about 15 at a time so, if one of the links don't work, let me know so I can correct it.

Because of the size of the two acquisitions I made last summer, I am only now beginning to fill in 2014 new issues.  Panama issued 6 stamps this year (their first issue in 3 years).  Four of those have arrived and the other two are ordered.  Brazil 2013 is finally on the way and then I will begin on 2014.  I have also ordered Argentina.  Others are arriving on a weekly basis. 

The look of the website doesn't change much, but new material is being added on a near daily basis.  I update country price lists as new material arrives and frequently add collections to that list.  Covers are added to the individual country pages as time permits and I add new better items to that list frequently.  For example, on Monday, I added Colombia SCADTA handstamps for Germany (Scott CLA1-11) to the list...the first time I have been able to offer this item.

I will also soon be updating the travel part of the website with a tour of Ecuador.  This will be our first trip in several years.  I am heading to Quito in January to coordinate the trip, which will be about 10 days in length and will include Quito and environs as well as several days on the Galapagos Islands.  Our target date for the trip is August, but this may change depending on when Galapagos House Boats are available for rent.

July 1, 2014:  It's hard to believe two months have flown by since my last Ken's Korner installment.  As usual, I have been busy.  I went on a brief stamp buying trip to Chile in June.  I went from Summer heat to South American winter.  Each day was cloudy/rainy and the high tempereature was maybe 50 degrees.  It got so cold at night that there was the possibility of snow, but fortunately, that didn't happen.  I didn't come back with as much material as I had hoped, but I did find some nice items which have been added to my price lists.  However, probably the best thing I brought back was the Chile Specialized Catalog published by the Sociedad Filatélica Chilena.  This hard bound, profusely illustrated (in COLOR!!) is a must for serious collectors of Chile.  Published in 2006, it is the current version and every dealer in Chile uses this as their primary reference.  I have two available for $125 each, plus shipping.

I have also made a number of large purchases since writing last.  We have acquired a great general collection of pre-1940 material of all Latin America, which includes items up to $1000 each.  In addition, we have picked up a nice collection of Brazil definitives 1900-1960, two wonderful Honduras collections, a great Nicaragua collection and a stunningly complete Argentina collection.  I have also added much material to our stock of Colombian States, including quite a bit of NH.  I have no idea when I will be able to get all of this material onto our pricelists, but feel free to send a list of what you need and I can check our stock.

Finally, 2014 material has started to arrive.  So far, I have some Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.  They are all on our price lists.

May 1, 2014:  Spring is here.  In much of Texas that means wildflowers are in bloom.  A few weeks back we drove out west of Houston to the Bluebonnet Festival in Chapel Hill.  Some of the fields were amazing.  There was one spot where traffic on the freeway actually slowed to a stop--not due to an accident or construction, but because the flowers in one field were so thick that they actually formed a carpet of blue.  Dozens of cars had stopped to take pictures and the rest of us gawked from our cars.

Stampwise, spring cleaning is here.  I have too many collections!!  Please help me make shelf space for incoming material.  All collections are marked 15% off (except for 2 or 3 in red, which are priced net).  This is a great opportunity to start a new collection or strengthen a weak area.   

Also consider our $20 deal.  When I created these, I went through our backstock that simply never sees the light of day.  I selected better items so that I could complete these packets quickly, so they are not full of stamps that catalog 25c or 50c.  These are full of better sets and singles.  You will be pleased. 

 I also recently purchased some things I RARELY see...Chile, C168 SS--only the second one I have ever seen, let alone had in stock in the 30 plus years I have been specializing in Latin America.  These are extremely rare, Stanley Gibbons lists this sheet at £850 ($1436 at today's exchange rate).  My price is $850.  Also now available is Boyaca 1a (blue paper) $190; Boyaca 2 (laid paper) $250; Costa Rica 61a with cert $500; Costa Rica 68a $300 and some early Paraguay each with Moorhouse certs.  These have tiny, insignificant thins: 5 usused $280; 5H used $850; 9 unused $215.  Call or email me to confirm your interest, because once these are gone, they will be gone for a good while.

February 22, 2014: Well, my Syracuse Orange basketball are no longer undefeated, but they have had the best start in team history.  I wish I could say they've been playing like the number 1 team in the nation, but they haven't.  The do tend to get up for big games, so I hope they do well tonight against Duke. 

A few changes stamp-wise, I have disconnected the fax number.  The biggest reason was that the only faxes I seemed to be getting were Junk Fax.  The worst part is that the spammers would send their junk at 2 or 3 in the morning, waking all of us up. For stamps, I maybe received 1 order a year this way, so it didn't make sense to keep the number working.

More new issues have come in.  Ecuador is now complete; Colombia only lacks Christmas (coming in with my next shipment); Peru is on the way; Argentina is more complete (although I am lacking 1 UP set and some SS which will ship soon); Bolivia is complete (including the first two issues of 2014); Paraguay is on the way and Venezuela is complete (only 1 issue in 2013).  Still following up on the others.

One final note, on my receipts, you will note I hand write a receipt #.  In the next few weeks I will reach mail order sale # 10,000.  I just want to thank you for the opportunity to serve you and help you build your collection.  May we all have many more years of philatelic enjoyment ahead of us.

January 23, 2014:  Happy New Year!  As I usually do at the beginning of a new year, I am now working to complete the new issues of the previous year from all of the countries of Latin America.  Here is where I currently stand:

Argentina (1st half of 2013); Bolivia (on order); Brazil (not yet); Chile (partial);  Colombia (all issues but 2); Costa Rica (complete); Cuba (complete-I think); Dominican Republic (complete); Ecuador (1st half of 2013); Guatemala (complete); Haiti (none issued); Honduras (awaiting Christmas issue); Mexico (mostly complete); Nicaragua (complete); Panama (none issued); Paraguay (to be ordered in February; Peru (partial); Salvador (complete); Salvador (complete); Uruguay (1st half on hand, the rest is on the way); Venezuela (one issue received--I am not aware of any others but will be checking with my supplier).  I hope to have all of the missing issues on hand by the middle of March.

COVERS: I have been adding covers to the website on a daily basis.  Last night, added several covers from Uruguay, Bolivia, and Peru.  I have thousands to list so this is a very long term project.  However, do check back regularly as I am making some progress.  If you are looking for something from a particular country, feel free to write.  I can either send you an approval selection or post scans on the website.

WAR OF THE PACIFIC:  I just added a large number of new items to my price list  CLICK HERE.  I also created a webpage with many specialty items  You can CLICK HERE to be redirected to that page.  I also have a number of very scarce covers from this fascinating area of postal history. CLICK HERE to follow that link.

December 28, 2013:  Belated Merry Christmas!  Today is the first anniversary of Ana Maria's and Nicolas' arrival in the USA.  I am up early and as soon as she is awake, I am going to suggest we take a day trip to celebrate.  Don't know where...doesn't really matter as the company counts for much more.

Stamp wise, I am working on a new part of the website for "odds and ends"--here is a link to the part that is finished for your comments and feedback..This part is Venezuela Papel Sellado, a very interesting aspect of revenue generation for local and federal governments throughout Latin America.  Please suggest--I welcome your ideas.  LINK TO PAPEL SELLADO

Also, I will be receiving collections of the following in the next week or so...Colombian States--nice collections of Tolima and of the Scott Unlisted sections.  I will have Honda, Tumaco and Cauca among others.  These will not last long so let me know if you are hunting for these.  I also purchased two specialized Honduras collections (Airs and BOB--loaded with varieties-both Scott and Sanabria listed.  Finally, I purchased a large Mexico collection ($20,000 SCV).

December 2, 2013: I hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving.  Ana and Nicolas (my wife and stepson) had their first Thanksgiving in the US.  We made a Colombian style turkey and lots of traditional Thanksgiving sides (green bean casserole, sweet potato with carmelized apple, yellow squash and of course stuffing.  We now have two more fans of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Stampwise, the 2013 issues are beginning to arrive.  I already have some Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, El Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela and I will be working with suppliers to finish off the year.  I also recently purchased some very nice Uruguay, Belize and Puerto Rico collections.  I should have the price lists updated very soon.  Best wishes to you and your family for a happy, safe and warm holiday season.

November 4, 2013:  So much new material has come in that I am overflowing with collections.  I have put up dozens of new items on the collection page.  Please note that this month's special offer is 10% off on virtually all listed collections.  The only exception are those listed in read (only 3 collections). I will be adding additional items as I get them ready for sale, so check back periodically.  Please purchase one and help me make room on the shelf.

On the non-philatelic side, earlier this fall, I travelled to Waco with Nicolas (my stepson), for his first college football game.  My alma mater, the University of Buffalo was playing the Baylor Bears (ranked 23 at the time).  We lost 70-13 in the wilting 98 degree Texas heat.  However, since that game, UB is 6-0 and is in first place in the MAC.  This Friday, I am taking Nicolas to Texas A & M (about 90 minutes from home) as UB is back in town for some college basketball.  Go Bulls!

September 22, 2013:  Time just seems to fly by.  I want to post more frequently but stamp time is scarce and I spend it all filling orders and putting up new material.  And boy, have I bought a lot of new material lately.  I recently bought extremely complete collections of Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama (two of them), Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.  I also purchased some great El Salvador varieties.  If you are looking for any of these, write quick as the better items won't last.

I also finally have been able to purchase some Colombian States material.  The prices I had to pay were shocking, but not surprising as this material is very undervalued in Scott.  You will find lots of new items listed (and more are coming in), but I have had to increase prices substantially to reflect the market. 

If you have been waiting longer than usual for your order, I apologize.  August and September have been filled with travel and this has set me behind in orders.  I am working to catch up. 

May 5, 2013:  I spent the past few hours redoing the stamp homepage.  Please feel free to email me your feedback.  I think it is an improvement over the previous version.  A little crowded perhaps, but much easier to find things and more compact. 

Lots of new material continues to arrive.  I just recently purchased a large dealer stock of Haiti and Honduras that I am working in with my stock.  I also put numerous collections up on the website and more will be going up soon.  A number of truly rare stamps have been added to the BETTER STAMPS page including Dom. Rep. #2 used and Bolivia C19-23 unused.  I soon will be adding Ecuador CO6a, Bolivia 97 and 102a (both with certs).  Virtually every new issue of 2012 has now arrived.  I am awaiting one item from Uruguay and believe I have everything else.  The first issues of 2013 are already here for Argentina and Bolivia.  Also check out all of the new items on our Paraguay price list.

March 27, 2013:  Whew!!  What a blur the past few months have been.  Ana Maria and Nicolas arrived in Houston the last week in December!  We are finally together.  We enrolled Nicolas in a middle school newcomer center in the Houston school district where he is quickly learning English.  Ana Maria has already found a job and likes what she does.

Stampwise, I have bought numerous better collections and a dealer stock and am working to get this new material in stock.  Just because you do not see something listed, this does not mean I do not have it.  I simply may not have had time to update price lists.  I have a dizzying array of material from El Salvador, Paraguay and Nicaragua as well as some new material from Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, and Netherlands Antilles.  Almost all of the 2012 new issues have come in—I am expecting the last three (Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil) next week.  I have also just listed some very RARE Latin America on the special offers page—Peru 251 (first time I’ve ever had it), Argentina 246a, and three very rare Antioquia stamps are currently being expertized and will soon be added. 

In collections, I have just put up a Nicaragua Volcanoes issues specialized lot and another Nicaragua study of Scott 279-86.  I also have a specialized collection of Peru 3-19 with many better cancellations, bisects, covers and varieties (Scott listed and Bustamante).  This collection can be yours for only $3750.  The final item not yet up on the website is a specialized study of Uruguay 30- XX.  It includes color shades, reconstructions of watermarks (not mentioned in Scott), varieties (Scott and Ciardi listed) and much, much more.  The CV is tremendous.  I am asking $1500 for the lot.


JUNE 26, 2012--I have made some recent acquisitions that have filled in some large gaps and more is on the way!!  Just arrived is 90%+ of Guatemala from 2000-2009 and all of Nicaragua 2000-2009.  I am expecting the remaining Brazilian personalized stamps to arrive in the next few weeks as well.  I've also recently added material to Costa Rica, British Guiana, British Honduras and Aruba.  To help move some items out, I have decided to offer $100 SCV of any country in Latin America (British and Dutch colonies excluded) for $20 postpaid (my choice).  When ordering, just indicate the country and I will help you fill in some holes very economically.  For some countries, I will be able to allow multiple re-orders of different material.  I am still trying to figure out how to list it on the website, but these are available now to readers of Ken's Korner.

APRIL 3, 2012--What a busy new year!  Since returning from Colombia, I have kept busy with a major study at my fulltime research job at the University of Houston.  We are almost done, but it has been quite a ride!  In stamps, the 2011 issues have come in for Argentina, Ecuador and some of Peru.  Some of the Brazil personalized issues of the past few years have come in and I will be ordering additional items soon.I have also received a shipment of modern Costa Rica, which helped to fill many holes in my stock.  I have also bought dealer stocks of Chile and Uruguay.  The Chile had some hard to find material in it which I have not had time to list on the website yet.  Drop me a want list and you might just get lucky.  The Uruguay has quite a bit of early mint and used, including numerous items I haven't previously been able to offer, some NH.  Again send me a want list for these.  Uruguay 2011 has been ordered and will be arriving soon.  I am about to order El Salvador to fill in a gap in my stock from 2009 and over the next few months all of the missing Nicaragua from 2000-2009 will be coming in.  You can also expect some new items to be listed for Argentina and Brazil BOB

DECEMBER 28, 2011--Happy New Year to everyone!!  I hope that your holidays have been restful.  I want everyone to know that we will be closed from January 11-25, 2012 as I will be travelling to Colombia and Panama.  I will be getting married in Bogota on January 13, and then we will go on our honeymoon in Panama.  Ana Maria will be joining me in Houston in about 6-8 months once we get her visa paperwork all settled.  Stampwise, the past few weeks have been busy.  I just added a lot of new Haiti and some hard-to-find Venezuela.  I also picked up a small quantity of the Juan Peron unissued stamp from the 1950s (blue grey, imperf) which I can offer for $30 each.  I also purchased some very rare modern Argentina booklets, 2048a and 2048Cd.  Most of the proofs, specimens and essays are on the website.  I still have more Argentina to add, but all other countries are listed.

NOVEMBER 26, 2011--All of the Peru 2010 issues are here and on the website.  A few of the missing 2000-2009 Venezuela issues have also arrived and more are on the way. I have also added a lot to my stock of stock to Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua--no rarities, but if you need used (some mint too) singles from these countries, send a want list.  I have hundreds of new items.

NOVEMBER 15, 2011--This is my initial post.  This week I am expecting the 2010 issues of Peru and a number of Venezuela issues from the last decade that I haven't been able to offer.  I just updated my Costa Rica price list with a number of new mint and used sets.  I am in the process of purchasing a large Central America dealer stock and will be adding more material soon to my pricelists.  I have also been listing many of the proofs, specimens and essays I have.  So far I have completed Bolivia through Nicaragua with more to follow soon!!